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Plato Courseware Overview

Plato Courseware Overview

For over 50 years, Plato Courseware has been developing rigorous courses and media-rich content for original credit, supplemental learning, credit recovery, unit recovery, and extended learning.  To keep up with today’s fast paced, 21st century learning environment, we are constantly building new and engaging courses, including the 30 semesters of standards-based courses that were delivered in March.  Most recently, we have launched custom created Florida, Georgia, and Texas End-of-Course programs for your state specific needs. 

Andrew Plackner, Edmentum’s Senior Product Manager of Secondary Curriculum, recently gave us insight on the future of Plato Courseware in his post, “Edmentum’s Vision for Plato Courseware.”  Watch our new Plato Courseware Overview Video now to see how we are redefining the 21st century classroom. 

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Andrea Gronberg

Andrea Gronberg directs Edmentum's marketing team.  In her role, she combines her creativity, strong communication skills and passion to making a difference in lives of young people.  Andrea graduated with a B.A. in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism.