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Plato Courseware Year in Review: Enhancing Learner Experiences

Plato Courseware Year in Review: Enhancing Learner Experiences

We know that technology plays a big role in helping maximize opportunities for learning, both inside and out of the classroom.  Edmentum's modern digital curriculum provides the tools to support the exceptional work that teachers do each and every day.

As another school year comes to a close, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on the many exciting updates that Edmentum's Plato Courseware has undergone. Today, we'll begin by reviewing the new tools and features from the learner's point of view. In the coming weeks, we’ll look at enhancements to the educator experience as well as our partnerships with leading organizations including WebbAlign and Quality Matters.

Slide Narration Reading Tool

Some students prefer to read on their own, while others prefer to read while also listening to the text read aloud. In Edmentum’s courses, students have the flexibility to choose which option best fits their learning style.

Click to Speak Reading Tool

Many students benefit from the ability to go back and hear things repeated, or visually see sentences and words highlighted while spoken aloud. Click to Speak is another option that makes these learning accommodations available to students.

Plato Courseware Reading Tools 

Notes Tool

Students are able to take notes while engaged in their coursework learning. Note taking provides the opportunity for learners to process while information is being presented. This is important because research shows that note taking supports learners with comprehension and retention. Learners who take notes are more likely to remember material. 

Plato Courseware Notes Tool

Dictionary Tool

Within all Edmentum courses, students have access to a dictionary with an option to hear any word and definition read aloud. 


Student Resources feature a glossary of course terminology including word and meaning.

Plato Courseware Student Resources

 Translation Tool

Students who are learning English are the fastest-growing population of U.S. students. Edmentum’s translation tool supports sixteen languages, and offers your English language learners’ the ability to translate content as needed while progressing toward English language proficiency. 

Plato Courseware Translation Tool


Appropriate instruction and use of the highlighter tool has great potential to enhance each student's opportunity to learn. The concept of a highlighter is simple. Effective highlighting supports students reading and retention. It also supports learners as they review and study. Teaching students to identify what to highlight takes terrific educators like you to implement ideas and facilitate the kind of purposeful highlighting that leads to student academic success.

Plato Courseware Highlighter Tool

Check back for the next installment of this series as we shift focus to explore the innovative new tools within Edmentum’s Plato Courseware designed to enhance the educator experience!

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