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[Product Enhancement] Reading Eggspress Assignments

[Product Enhancement] Reading Eggspress Assignments

As an educator, you know your students better than anyone else. You understand the nuances in their learning styles, know when they’re having rough days, and recognize effective ways to motivate and reward their growth. That’s why we want to make sure that you have the level of control you need to give students what is essential for their unique learning journeys. In addition to allowing students to work through Reading Eggspress at their own pace, mastering new literacy skills through sequenced, carefully scaffolded lessons, we give you the power to create additional assignments for your students that are in alignment with your own scope and sequence.

As part of our ongoing efforts to fulfil these goals, we’re excited to share that on February 27th, we will be releasing a refreshed Reading Eggspress Assignments interface! With the reveal of this improved feature, educators will have even more content available to assign and additional status details to help monitor students’ completion of assignments.

Using the new assignment interface, creation is made easy. Start by selecting the students for which you’d like to generate an assignment. Then, set the parameters around when the assignment should be made available. This allows you to schedule all assignments for a given week, unit, or even grading period in advance. After determining the assignment duration, choose the content you hope to include. In the new interface, you will be able to choose between comprehension lessons, spelling activities, and library books. Preview the content before you ever assign it, and feel confident that what students are working on is in alignment with the goals you’ve defined for them.

[Product Enhancement] Reading Eggspress Assignments

Once an assignment is released, we give you powerful tools to help monitor and manage it through completion. This means that for all assignments, you will be able to see at a quick glance which ones students have not started, those that are actively being worked on, and which assignments are completed. Drill even further into a specific assignment, and view similar information for each student that has been assigned the content, in addition to being able to monitor individual and average scores for each assignment. Finally, feel free to end an assignment at any time and safely access and review historical data in the past assignments tab. Any work done in this area of the program is also captured in the recently refreshed Reading Eggspress Reporting using the Comprehension report. We hope you’ll take this revised feature for a spin and we’re excited to see how you use it to continue driving reading development for your students in meaningful ways!

We are dedicated to continually improving Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress functionality to help support your students’ literacy journey. If you are a current Reading Eggspress customer, make sure to take a look at the in-product message surrounding this release. It is sure to help you and your students make a smooth transition to the new and improved tool.

Looking for additional tips to get the most out of your Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress subscription? Check out this Feature Focus blog to learn more about the programs’ Placement Tests and Individualized Lessons!

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