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[Product Enhancements] Reading Eggs Gets an HTML5 Upgrade!

[Product Enhancements] Reading Eggs Gets an HTML5 Upgrade!

If you and your students regularly access Reading Eggs from a desktop or laptop computer, you have probably noticed some recent changes. A variety of enhancements to the Reading Eggs platform were just released to provide a completely mobile-optimized experience, update the student interface, and simplify navigation. Today, let’s take a closer look at each of these changes to help you understand and navigate through this latest HTML5 upgrade with your students.

Mobile-Optimized Learner Experience

The Reading Eggs platform is now fully mobile-optimized following the recent upgrade. The preferred development language of HTML5 signals full compatibility with computers and mobile devices without installation of software players or plug-ins. With this enhancement, students can now expect a consistent learning experience as they move from a desktop in a computer lab to a tablet in their classroom or even a smartphone when they log on from elsewhere.

Reading Eggs Updated Learner Experience

Updated Student Interface

Reading Eggs’ learner interface has also received a refresh! When accessed from a desktop or laptop computer, you will now notice a revised look and feel to the Reading Eggs world. With this shift, eggs-plorers can begin (or continue) their learning journey with even fewer clicks. This exciting change also eases the transition to Reading Eggspress, where higher-grade-level students can hone their skills in a similar learning environment. 

Reading Eggs Updated Interface

Simplified Navigation

The navigation of Reading Eggs has been enhanced to provide a cleaner user experience. Students now move throughout the program by clicking on a single golden egg, which launches a full screen of simplified learning choices. When students select an area to work in, navigation is once again collapsed, allowing students to focus on the task at hand with fewer distractions.

Reading Eggs Updated Navigation

Whether students are just kicking off their journey in Reading Eggs or are well-versed eggs-plorers, these recent enhancements will continue to foster independent learning in a friendlier environment so that your learners can get the most out of the program.

Want to see these exciting updates to Reading Eggs for yourself? Check out this short overview of the key learning areas in Reading Eggs!

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