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[Product Update] Exciting New Enhancements Coming to Courseware

[Product Update] Exciting New Enhancements Coming to Courseware

We are committed to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs through quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success. For all of us at Edmentum, these commitments go beyond a corporate statement—they are a philosophy that guides our actions every day. As part of our ongoing efforts, Edmentum Courseware is introducing new features designed to enhance the way educators utilize data, support students, and communicate results with various stakeholders. What’s more, all of our upcoming enhancements are driven by your feedback about how you use the program and how to make it even better! Here is a quick sneak peek at what you can expect this fall:

New Educator Home Page

The educator home page will provide a new data visualization dashboard, giving educators instant visibility to student progress toward earning courseware credit. From the dashboard, you can immediately respond to class and individual student needs. You will be able to quickly and easily answer questions like:

  • How many students are working on pace and, specifically, which ones?
  • How much progress are students making on their assignments?
  • What scores did individual students receive on course assessments?
  • What assignments and submitted activities need grading?


Reporting enhancements will give you easy access to relevant course data on student progress. This summer, we are launching new reports designed to help streamline daily management of online learning, make accountability reporting even easier, and save you time. These powerful new enhancements will give you even more insight into how students are performing without having to manually sift through data so that more time can be spent working with individual students.

Pacing and Progress Metrics

Time management is one of the biggest keys to success in an online learning environment. To help you and your students make the most of your time, we’ve added progress and pacing data, designed to give you and your students guidance on progress toward course completion. This insight into pacing will be displayed directly from your home page and subsequent reporting pages. Powerful and intuitive data views with unmatched visibility into pacing, progress monitoring, and grades will provide you with a greater understanding of student performance.


To help streamline daily management of your students’ learning, we are really excited to be releasing a brand-new gradebook! The new gradebook will provide educators with automatic and seamless recordkeeping of individual student performance in assigned courses. New grading templates will be automatically generated for each new section of a course, and you can easily change grading weights to meet your district or school guidelines.

Want to learn more about these exciting enhancements for Edmentum Courseware, designed to streamline your daily management, keep learners engaged and motivated, and save you time? Check out our new sneak peek video!

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Ketsia Hamilton

Ketsia Hamilton has spent over 15 years in education. She taught high school social studies, facilitated credit bearing online learning programs, and supported technology integration staff development at secondary campuses in Texas. Ketsia has served as a Senior Specialist for curriculum and implementation with Edmentum and as the National Assessment Consultant concentrating on assessment policy and research to support the assessment product lines. She is currently Edmentum's Senior Product Manager, focusing on our Courseware program.