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[Professional Development] 6 Inspiring Educators To Follow on Twitter

[Professional Development] 6 Inspiring Educators To Follow on Twitter

Yes, Twitter (and social media in general) can be a rabbit hole of pointless gifs, more-than-slightly biased articles, and updates from people you lost touch with years ago. But, with some intentional, responsible parameters in place, it can also be a really powerful professional development tool for educators.

The true beauty of the internet is that it offers a niche for everyone, educators included. Whether you’re an elementary teacher on the hunt for flexible seating ideas; a technology integrationist searching for new approaches to peer coaching; a high school teacher in need of strategies to reach your at-risk students; a SPED specialist looking into new ways to personalize learning; an administrator searching for program planning guidance; or any educator just looking for a friendly ear to sympathize with the challenges of the job, Twitter has you covered.

So, if you haven’t already, create your account, then check out some of these outstanding educator accounts and find yourself jumping down an entirely new (and entirely more productive) rabbit hole if fresh ideas and real-world advice. Some are big names with big followings, others are still flying a little under the radar, but they all have great insights to offer. While you’re at it, follow the Edmentum Educator Network, and start connecting with our community of diverse and dedicator teachers and administrators!

1. Jill Yamasawa Fletcher, NBCT


Middle school @avid4college educator, poet, @HSG_HI fellow; place-based education; she/her

Why this account deserves a follow: Jill offers great insights for teachers on advocating for change in education and starting or building your online personal learning network (PLN)

2. Jeff Zoul


Teacher, Leader, Coach, Speaker, and writer. Author of ten books, including Start. Right. Now. and What Connected Educators Do Differently. Runner.

Why this account deserves a follow: Jeff provides thoughtful curation of meaningful articles on student-centered teaching and learning, and what administrators can do to make those shifts reality

3. Justin Minkel


Teacher, writer, dad, & founder of the Home Library Effect. Justin writes for Education Week Teacher about becoming the kinds of teachers our students deserve.

Why this account deserves a follow: A champion of education equality, Justin offers great resources on social justice, inclusive classrooms, and accessibility.

4. Travis Crowder


English teacher, bibliophile, philosopher, writer. I believe I can empower my students through reading & writing. Coauthor of #SparksInTheDark#NBCT

Why this account deserves a follow: Travis is obviously a prolific reader—and he makes awesome suggestions to keep any educator’s reading list from running out.

5. #Simplyspeakedu


Why this account deserves a follow: Shekeria is a school culture and universal design for learning (UDL) expert—and it shows in her inspiring, thought-provoking feed.

6. Todd Nesloney


Principal at @Webb_Elem, White House Champion of Change, TEDx Speaker, NSBA 20 to Watch & Co-Author of #KidsDeserveIt, #SparksInTheDark, and #StoriesFromWebb

Why this account deserves a follow: As an elementary principal, Todd is committed to helping teachers share their stories in order to better meet students’ needs.

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