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[Program Update] Power Learning with a Renaissance and Exact Path Integration

[Program Update] Power Learning with a Renaissance and Exact Path Integration

At Edmentum, we are so excited to share that we have partnered with Renaissance® to offer a customized integration designed to help kick-start learning for your students. If you’re currently using your Renaissance assessment results to benchmark learning or monitor student progress, an  Exact Path integration can help offer that next step by turning your data into action.

After just a few simple steps to enable data sharing and map your Edmentum and Renaissance accounts together, this integration becomes seamless—no manual uploads and no data entry required. Simply have your students complete their Star assessment, and let us do the rest! 

Students’ results from their Star® assessments will automatically create individualized learning paths in Exact Path so that you can more easily provide just-in-time instruction, practice, and short assessments to close skill gaps and propel learning. As students work in their learning paths, they earn mastery trophies in recognition of each new skill they’ve acquired. You can also leverage our real-time reports to monitor progress between assessments. Additionally, try out our built-in grouping tools to help segment your students into similar ability groups for additional teacher-led intervention, or search our standards-aligned content to create assignments or print lesson ideas and worksheets for remediation or reteaching as needed. And, when it’s time to assess your students once again using Renaissance Star assessments, you can expect student results to seamlessly drive updated learning paths in Exact Path so that you can continue to provide a personalized learning experience for your students.

We offer assessment integrations with Star Reading®, Star Math®, and Star Early Literacy®. The curriculum teams from both Edmentum and Renaissance have worked closely together to carefully map skills from the Star assessments to specific skills and content found in Exact Path, ensuring that each individual student’s learning needs are met. 

Here at Edmentum, our focus is always on putting the educator first, which is why we are dedicated to collaborating with industry partners like Renaissance to ensure that you have the best possible experience to drive successful student outcomes.

Interested in learning more about our integration using your Renaissance assessment data? Watch our recorded webinar presentation titled “Renaissance + Edmentum Integration: Assessment-Driven Instruction to Power Learning!”


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Shannon Urban
Shannon Urban is a Senior Product Manager at Edmentum, focusing on the continued development of Exact Path. Shannon began her career as a music teacher, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from DePauw University. She transitioned into the Educational Technology space in 2007 as a Teaching and Learning Consultant and then as a Product Manager at other edtech companies before finding her way to Edmentum in May 2018. Her focus has always been on the needs of the educators and students she serves, and she brings their voice to the table every day.