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Quality does matter

Quality does matter

Edmentum was recently recognized by the Quality Matters Program. Our Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy courses received the Program's Certificate of Course Recognition, which is pretty exciting for us. Quality Matters is an international organization whose rubrics and quality standards have established it as a leader in evaluating online K-12 curricula. It provides guidance to schools as they navigate the increasingly crowded online learning marketplace.

The Quality Matters K-12 Publisher Rubric sets standards for online course design, and helps ensure that a provider's online courseware is effective and rigorous. The Rubrics have been adopted by more than 700 educational institutions.

We are always gratified when our courses are recognized by respected third-party authorities, and the Quality Matters Program is an increasingly influential organization. We thank them for their important work, and we thank the educators who use our courses to help make a difference in the lives of their students.

To learn more about Edmentum and Quality Matters, visit the news or resources section of our website.