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Reading Eggs Back-to-School Checklist

Reading Eggs Back-to-School Checklist

You simply can’t ignore it anymore; it’s that time again—students (and teachers) are heading back to school! While it may not feel like fall outside, the ads for fall clothes and school supplies are everywhere, reminding all of us that summer break is coming to a close. As you busy yourselves unpacking classroom boxes and assembling lesson plans, take some time to make sure that your digital tools are also ready for the soon-to-come influx of students.

Whether you’re a Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Teacher or Subscription Coordinator, follow these eight steps to help you through a seamless setup at the onset of another egg-citing year!

1. Manage teachers

If you are a Subscription Coordinator, it’s a good idea to start the year by first making sure that all of your teachers have been added to the program. Once logged in, begin by selecting “Management” from the main left navigation menu and then “Manage Teachers” from the dropdown menu that appears. On this screen, you can add a single teacher, import all new teachers at once, or update existing teachers by checking the box next to their names, then selecting “Delete” or “Login Details.”

2. Manage rollover

Ready to promote students to the next grade level and assign them to their new classes? As a Subscription Coordinator, you can take care of this task in just a few clicks by selecting “Manage Rollover” from the main “Management” left navigation menu. Here, you can choose “Activate Rollover” to remove all students from their current classes and increase their grade level by one year. It’s important to note though that once you do this, students have to be assigned to a new class before they can access the program. That’s why this process also triggers a quick email to teachers encouraging them to move students into their new classes.

3. Manage students

Next, as either a Subscription Coordinator or Teacher, you are able to add new students; the process just looks a little different for each user type. If you are a Subscription Coordinator, you have the ability to assign students to any teacher or class. Start by selecting “Manage Students” from the main “Management” dropdown in the left navigation menu. The easiest way to tackle this process is by selecting “Upload a CSV” to batch enroll all new students at once, but you also have the option to add students one at a time. A sample file is also available to help get you started.

As Teachers, you also have the ability to add new students, but you can only add them to your class. To do this, you will have a different left navigation option to select, titled “Manage Class.” Here, you also have the option to “Upload a CSV,” but most likely, you will only need to create students one at a time if students are new to the building or move into the district later in the year.

4. Manage classes

Now, with all students added to the program, it’s time to get classes sorted out. Remember, all students must be assigned to a class before they are able to access their account. This functionality is available to both Teachers and Subscription Coordinators; however; the process looks a little different for each level of user.

A Teacher can easily move students into his or her own class with a few clicks. Start by navigating to “Manage Class” and then select “Move students into your class.” Here, Teachers can search for students who have yet to be assigned a class or scroll through a master list and check the box next to those they want to add. Once Teachers have found their desired students, they can click “Add to my class.” Just like that, your class is assembled for a new school year.

A Subscription Coordinator also the ability to place students into different teachers’ classes on their behalf. This is done by navigating to “Manage Students” from the main navigation menu. Then, similar to the Teacher process, search for students or scroll through the master list and check the box next to desired students. Then, select “Change Class,” and select the teacher whom those students should be assigned to. This process can be repeated for each teacher in the building.

5. Print student logins

At the beginning of a new school year, even the most seasoned students may forget their usernames and passwords. That’s why Reading Eggs makes it easy to print student login details anytime you need them. Begin in the “Manage Class” area as a Teacher or in the “Manage Students” area as a Subscription Coordinator, then select “Login Details” from the “Print” options in the center of the page. A PDF file will generate with small login cards for every student in your class. Print a couple of copies—one to hold onto for your records and another to cut apart and pass out to students.

6. Create a parent letter to send home

The benefits of reading at home are self-evident. Help make this a reality for your students by educating parents on how they can help their child access the program from home. Just underneath “Login Details” on the “Manage Class” page, select “Parent Letters.” Again, a PDF document will generate—this time with a full-page parent letter for each student, already filled in with the unique login credentials.

7. Reset placement tests 

Because students have been away from the classroom for nearly three months, it’s not a bad idea to reassess where they stand academically. Whether your learners are using Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress, as a Teacher, you can navigate to the appropriate “Manage Lessons” area from the left navigation menu. Select all of your students, and then click “Change Progress.” From the dropdown menus, select “Reset Placement Test” for each appropriate learning area.

Now, the next time students log in, they’ll begin with a short assessment that will drop them into just the right place along the Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress learning progression. Keep in mind, resetting a placement test will clear students’ prior statistics in that area but will be updated with their new placement test score.

8. Refresh your skills with a virtual workshop or training resource

We offer on-demand workshops to help our customers feel comfortable with their online program. Do you have any new teachers who have just joined your school or maybe a few who haven’t used Reading Eggs yet? This Getting Started with Reading Eggs recorded customer workshop, led by our in-house training team, could be just the ticket to help educators preview features, uncover best practices, and ask questions directly to our experts. Even if you are familiar with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, this video is also a great way to quickly refresh yourself before school starts on ways to get the most out of the program.

Don’t have time for a full virtual workshop? Check out some of our two- to three-minute Quick Start Tutorials or download a printable guide for easy reference. All of these resources can be found on our Getting Started Resources page. You can also use this Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Back-to-School Checklist to guarantee that you start the school year with an organized and up-to-date Reading Eggs account!

Looking for additional assistance to get you up and running with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress this school year? Our support team is here to help! You can reach them by email at or phone at 877.394.6695.