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[Resource] 9 Things You’ll Accomplish from Our Assessment for Learning Workbook

[Resource] 9 Things You’ll Accomplish from Our Assessment for Learning Workbook

How do you ensure that students are making progress in their learning toward end-of-year goals and objectives when multiple administrators, principals, and teachers are involved in the instructional decision-making process for a single student? We’ve created a workbook to help you distinguish between various assessment types, build goals, identify best practices around your assessments, and analyze your data in an effort to make lasting instructional decisions over the school year.

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Here’s a list of nine things you will accomplish after working through this resource:

  1. Distinguish between different types of assessments
  2. Learn about assessment goals and best practices
  3. Figure out where to start by asking yourself a few key questions
  4. Study the five attributes to ensure assessment success
  5. Understand what assessments can look like in practice
  6. Reflect on your progress
  7. Make your data actionable
  8. Organize your data to identify skill gaps
  9. Track your assessment data

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain some new assessment best practices and reflect on your current program. Download our free workbook and get started today!'s picture
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