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[Resource] How to Get the Tech You Need in Your Classroom to Personalize Learning

[Resource] How to Get the Tech You Need in Your Classroom to Personalize Learning

Have you come across a new program you’d love to try with your students? Heard about a solution a colleague is having success with? Seen good reviews of a tool on your favorite Twitter education chat? While you may answer yes to these questions, do you have all the information you need to pitch technology of interest to those with the ultimate buying power?

While your district leaders are hard at work planning the budget for next school year, use this time as an opportunity to assemble a plan and make your case for getting the tech you need in your classroom to personalize learning for your students.

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Not sure how to begin making your case to district leaders? In this guide, we’ll teach you to:

  1. Set technology program goals
  2. Determine if your proposed solution is up to the challenge
  3. Consider how this technology will support your school’s technology plan
  4. Evaluate how your program will positively impact student outcomes
  5. Develop how your solution will reflect student progress and achievement
  6. Learn how to evaluate your solution based on research
  7. Consider how student engagement factors into program development

Ready to begin your journey in bringing personalized learning into your classroom? Download our free guide and start today!