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[Resource] Virtual Learning: Exploring the Options for Expanded Student Opportunity

[Resource] Virtual Learning: Exploring the Options for Expanded Student Opportunity

The evolution of education within our school system has been nothing short of substantial. Ten or twenty years from now, we will talk with our youth and try to explain to them, “Yes, there was a time you actually HAD to go to a classroom EVERY DAY!” They will simply look at us in disbelief.

Virtual school refers to an institution that is not bound by brick and mortar. The virtual school differs from the traditional school through the physical media that links administrators, teachers, and students. All student services and courses are conducted through Internet technology.

Virtual learning has enabled not only blended learning but fully online learning environments as well. Virtual schools provide students with the flexibility to retrieve lost credits and participate in out-of school activities that they would not be able to engage in if confined to a traditional school day.

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In our free guide, we take a look at the following:

  • What virtual schools are
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  • An educator’s role in the virtual environment
  • A student’s experience in the virtual setting
  • A virtual school spotlight
  • How to prepare for implementation success
  • And more!

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