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[Resource] What’s in Our Credit Recovery Planning Guide?

[Resource] What’s in Our Credit Recovery Planning Guide?

Edmentum’s Professional Services team frequently partners with schools and districts across the nation to support their efforts in creating successful credit recovery programs. We want to bring that expertise to you!

We’ve teamed up with our Professional Services team to create a free Credit Recovery Program Guide that will help you dig deep into the planning and decision-making process pertaining to implementing, tracking, and maintaining an effective credit recovery program for your school.


Is your district interested in establishing a brand-new credit recovery program? Building a new program from scratch involves asking the right questions from the beginning to ensure your program launches on a strong foundation. To help you through this initial implementation process, our planning guide will steer you in the right direction by posing questions such as:

What will the criteria for student eligibility be?

    • Student request
    • Teacher/guidance counselor input
    • Cohort comparative data
    • Unit recovery

When will the program be offered to students?

    • Summer break
    • Set times during the school day
    • Before or after school/weekends
    • Anytime, year-round (online)

What are the expectations for the program content?

    • Is it aligned to state standards?
    • Do courses need to be customized?
    • Do students need to complete the entire course to earn credit?

Staying on Track

Once you’ve launched a credit recovery program, it’s time to maintain the program and keep it on track. Our guide will walk you through several best practice procedures to think about, such as:  

What procedures do students need to learn to navigate the program?

    • How to ask for help
    • How to log in and out of the program
    • How to navigate to assignments

In what ways can instructors check in with students to discuss progress?

    • Weekly progress meetings
    • One-on-one tutoring sessions
    • Whole-group knowledge check
    • Parent-teacher meetings

Program Management

The goal of a credit recovery program is to have students successfully navigate through it to improve their chances of graduation. It’s important to have all involved stakeholders on the same page when it comes to successfully managing the established program so that it runs smoothly. Our guide will help you begin these important conversations with checklists such as:

What topics should be discussed during educator group meetings (preferably all of the below options!):

    • Educator meeting scheduling
    • Student attendance and engagement
    • Instructional issues
    • Reporting best practices
    • Remediation strategies

We know that there are many ways to plan for, run, and maintain a credit recovery program. Utilize our guide to get your started on the right track to supporting student graduation success!

For more best practices surrounding credit recovery, take a look at our three-part blog series from the perspective of our Edmentum Professional Services team:

This blog was originally published November 2018 and has been updated.

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Fabiola Garcia

Fabiola Garcia happily joined the Edmentum family in the summer of 2014 and spent several years in the support and sales teams before serving as a Marketing Specialist. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Sociology with a Social Science Research Methods certificate from Texas Woman's University. Fabiola is passionate about education and strives to empower educators with relevant resources so that they can continue transforming their classrooms one student at a time.