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[Response to Intervention] The Latest Resources

[Response to Intervention] The Latest Resources

With the growth of Response to Intervention (RTI) programs in schools around the world, resources are continually being developed and updated to help educators implement and improve use of the model in their school or district. In particular, research into the efficacy of RTI is expanding and yielding promising results.

Thanks to this growth in research, there are many scholarly articles available on the topic of RTI, but they are currently behind paywalls. Luckily, there are plenty of free RTI resources out there as well. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best new and current resources for RTI available publicly on the web.  

Building RTI Capacity

This is a project of the University of Texas, developed mainly to support their state’s schools in RTI implementation. However, the resources are applicable to a much broader audience of schools and educators, and offer effective strategies to bridge the gap between RTI implementation and maintenance. The website was also recently redesigned to make finding resources on every aspect of RTI much easier for users.

Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk library

Looking for an expansive library of RTI research and instructional modules? The Meadows Center’s library has an extensive collection on RTI and is consistently updated with resources. It can even be searched by release year. Currently, a search for “Response to Intervention” yields 116 different results.

The Effects of an Intensive Reading Intervention for Ninth Graders with Very Low Reading Comprehension

A recently released article from the Learning Disabilities Research & Practice journal analyzed the effects of RTI on students struggling in reading. The results? In this study, participation in an RTI program had very little to no effect. But that doesn’t mean their findings aren’t of interest; the study also concluded that certain aspects of the results indicate further investigation might be warranted.

Preparation of School Counselors and Response to Intervention: A Profession at a Crossroads

A great recent scholarly article from researchers at DePaul University which has been made publicly available at no cost. School counselors play a critical role in the proper implementation of RTI, but the researchers found that many counselors consider themselves underprepared and under-informed on RTI best practices.

Response to Intervention: Success for Every Student infographic

E-Learning Infographics recently republished an infographic that Edmentum created to provide an informative overview of the RTI program framework and tiering process. It’s a great introductory resource for new teachers or educators who are just being exposed to the RTI model.

Looking for additional resources to support an RTI initiative in your school or district? Take a look at this worksheet to help Structure Your Program! You can also learn more about Edmentum’s online solutions for Response to Intervention by checking out our Intervention Bundle featuring Study Island and Edmentum Assessments!