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Sneak Peek! BASE Education Summer 2021 Enhancements

Sneak Peek! BASE Education Summer 2021 Enhancements

Edmentum is proud to partner with BASE Education to offer more than 100 social-emotional learning (SEL) courses. Paired with our other academic-focused programs, we are able to support the whole student wherever learning occurs!​

What is BASE Education all about?

BASE Education offers a CASEL-designated SEL curriculum for grades 1-12 with flexible delivery options to support common language around tough, real-world topics. In all grades, BASE Education lifts up student voice using evidence-based mental health approaches to learning that are both culturally responsive and interactive. BASE Education moves away from purely a character education approach by allowing students to explore their own values and abilities, seeing where they came from, how their brain works, and what the impact of their choices and behavior has on themselves, others, and the world around them. BASE Education helps student gain skills in empathy, flexible thinking, and stress management and also allows them to look at how we set goals and what it takes to achieve our dreams and build relationships that are healthy and sustaining. ​

What exciting enhancements are in store for the 2021–22 school year?

This summer, Edmentum and BASE Education are focusing investments in a few key areas, including a formative assessment tool known as BASEline, five professional development (PD) courses for educators, and a redesigned educator and student interface. Let’s dig in to explore further!

BASEline assessment

This summer, BASE Education is launching BASEline, a formative assessment for 6–12 grade students. This 15-minute survey-style formative tool assesses students' strengths and needs in three domains of reporting that are reflective of the five CASEL competencies. Upon completion, educators receive immediate student results to answer, “What’s next in each student’s SEL journey?” This includes scores for each domain: behavioral infraction, engagement, and protective factors, as well as an overall score.

BASEline can be used as an effective preassessment to benchmark and track SEL progress over time, efficiently providing data to educators that can be used to implement recommended course assignments. Together, BASEline and BASE Education 6–12 courses are the perfect pair to propel SEL development and ultimately support whole-learner success.

Educator PD Course Suite

Educators today are being asked to teach and foster SEL, even if it feels unfamiliar or intimidating. In response, this summer, BASE Education is launching a five-part series for educators to develop their own SEL practices. This professional development course collection will help educators understand SEL, identify their own triggers and growth areas, and put what they’ve learned into practice in the classroom.

Implementation of these courses is entirely flexible. Educators can complete courses independently or utilize facilitator guides for whole-group delivery and discussion.

The five-part series offers:

  • What Is SEL – The Basics
  • Breaking Down Elements of SEL Through an Educator Lens
  • Understanding Your Backpack
  • Leading with Your Core Values
  • Suicide Education and Prevention for Educators

Utilizing this powerful new PD series will help drive recognition and self-awareness, allowing educators to better understand themselves and the impact they have on the learning environment and the students they serve, encouraging positive change for a more social and emotionally driven approach to teaching and learning.

Improved Educator and Student Interface Design 

Your educator and student BASE user interfaces are getting an upgrade this summer! With thoughtful redesign and guided prompts to make getting started, recommending courses, and reviewing data easier than ever before, we know you’ll be excited to jump into this program refresh.   

Upon initial welcome, BASE will help you choose what you want to do that day, so there’s no guesswork involved. Quickly and easily build rooms (similar to classes), add students, and recommend courses, so the moment students log in, they can start learning! Launch courses and access student and course activity right from your educator dashboard. With this redesign, students have a cleaner view, with courses in progress and recommended courses front and center on their homepage and easy access to the “Join a Room” feature, providing a direct and uncomplicated experience. Dig deeper into the specific improvements here.

Want to learn more about BASE Education’s summer releases? Keep an eye on our What’s New page for further details and specific release dates!

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Jen Perry

Jen Perry currently serves as the Director, Whole Learning and SEL at Edmentum. Jen joined Edmentum as the Learning Designer for Social-Emotional Learning after 30+ years of work with youth in educational and community settings. As a teacher, administrator, and trainer, her passion has been to help educators develop an understanding of the importance of social and emotional learning and build trauma-informed responses and systems. This work has included supporting youth, administrators, and schools in understanding behavior and implementing transformational change through strength-based approaches.