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Sneak Peek! Courseware 2022–23 Enhancements

Sneak Peek! Courseware 2022–23 Enhancements

The summer months are a particularly exciting time here at Edmentum. After all, it’s when we put all of the finishing touches on the 2022–23 enhancements that we will bring forward to make your upcoming school year the best it can be. Once again, you can anticipate improvements to and new releases for our 6–12 digital curriculum program Courseware based entirely on your feedback.

For this coming academic year, we have focused on three specific areas that we can’t wait to tell you about:

  1. Propelling academic recovery with high-quality courses
  2. Driving learning engagement via a sophisticated student learning experience
  3. Building educator capacity and reducing administrative burden via small, yet impactful, updates
High-Quality Courses

16 New Middle School Courses

This summer, we’re updating our middle school library with 16 newly improved courses spread across all four core subjects: math, ELA, science, and social studies. You can anticipate robust courses aligned to the latest national standards and built on sound pedagogical design with rich learner engagement via a variety of activity types and extra opportunities for students to practice and apply what they’ve learned.

This exciting progression represents the first step toward combining our Apex Learning Courses by Edmentum and Courseware libraries, bringing together the best and brightest courses and learning principles grounded in sound pedagogy and proven design.

Integrated Math I–III

We’re announcing new Integrated Math I, II and III courses, reinforcing our commitment to providing our partners with best-in-class core courses, which are essential for graduation success.

These new courses are aligned to national standards, in addition to a series of state-specific course launches for California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia. Throughout all of these courses, you’ll find increased opportunities for students to practice and demonstrate mastery, connections to students’ prior knowledge to stretch understanding of new concepts, and scaffolding using detailed examples and step-by-step explanations.

Student Learning Experience

Reimagined Grade 6+ Learner Experience

We’re zeroing in on opportunities to simplify, optimize, and clarify to our secondary learner experience, creating a clean, accessible design for grades 6–12 students using Courseware, Exact Path, Assessments, and Flex Assignments.

To empower our secondary learners with the ability to better answer: “What’s next?” in an environment more aligned to the modern design of technology programs they use daily, we’re making essential improvements. A clean, tile-based design reduces unnecessary scrolling and uses familiar color indicators that align with different Edmentum programs, and greater accessibility meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) levels A and AA conformance.

Impactful Updates to Build Capacity

Edit After Publish

Flexibility is in an increasingly important part of digital curriculum. We were excited to launch a special feature this spring that allows customers to edit a customized course, even after it has been published. This way, you are able to keep using your favorite custom courses without spending time creating a new one, and it can be especially helpful for making quick changes or updating content to the latest version without additional administrative work.

Copy a Section

We’re making section creation easier, allowing you to copy over settings from previous sections to remove unnecessary steps in your workflow, while ensuring that student management and reporting stays intact.

The ability to create a new section at the start of a new school year or semester by copying a section from an existing section will allow educators to preserve the same section curriculum and gradebook settings from their existing section, including copying instructors, section descriptions, and section instructions.

Complete a Student Filter & Report

We’re elevating critical historical data for students who have completed courses, including grades, completion, and credits earned. Last fall, we enabled the ability to “Complete a Student,” thereby preserving student records for completed courses. This summer, we’re adding the ability to gather critical historical data for this group of learners via an in-program filter and a new exportable report.

Mastery Test Attempt Controls

We’re making it easier to set mastery test attempts at a more global level, granting administrators greater control and implementation consistency and creating less administrative work for teachers!

Mastery tests, and specifically mastery test attempts, are an important setting for course management. By default, students have unlimited attempts, and teachers can change this number for specific sections. This summer, we’re alleviating this section-by-section burden by allowing program- and account-level administrators to manage the number of times that students can unlock their mastery test and to override permissions if they wish to keep this control at the admin level.

Student Submitted Status Notification

Soon, students will stop questioning: “Did my work really get submitted?” with the addition of a submitted status indicator in the student interface. In Courseware and Flex Assignments, students will now see a “submitted and pending score” notification upon submitting work, thereby eliminating confusion about how learners are progressing in their coursework and reducing questions that teachers may regularly receive.

That’s a wrap on sneak peeks that are sure to make your 2022–23 Courseware experience stronger than ever before. Want to learn more about everything you can expect across Edmentum programs? Visit our entire video playlist.

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