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[Student Engagement] Motivating Elementary Students to Learn Over Winter Break with EducationCity

[Student Engagement] Motivating Elementary Students to Learn Over Winter Break with EducationCity

Looking for a way to keep your students learning over the winter break? With EducationCity you can skip the homework packets and provide your students with online learning activities that they will be excited to complete!

Now, let’s take a look at two approaches you can take when having your students complete winter break homework in EducationCity:

Self-Selected Learning

If you aren't particular about what activities your students complete over the break, then you can keep it simple. Just give your students a minimum number of EducationCity activities to complete and let them decide what they’d like to learn about. You can provide some focus by having them work on a particular subject and grade level, and telling them to work on a specific number of Topic Tools, Learn Screens, Activities, and PlayLive sessions, or you can keep it open-ended and simply tell them to work for 30 minutes each day. This is a great approach to boost students’ motivation over break—they’ll love getting to have choice and take ownership over their learning.

Individualized Assignments

Looking for a more individualized approach to winter break learning? Use the MyCity feature in EducationCity to provide your students with individualized learning paths. With MyCities, you can assign your students specific Activities, Learn Screens, and Topic Tools to target the subjects and skills where they’re most in need of practice, and set the order in which they need to complete them. You might even consider adding a PlayLive game or two at the end of their MyCity, as a reward for completing all of their assignments. You can create a separate MyCity for each student, or create one for the entire class, and only create individual MyCities for the students who need something different. Choose content that allows students to preview what they will be learning when they return to school, or assign review topics to help students sharpen previously learned skills.

Tip: Make sure your students are able to access EducationCity outside of school hours by checking the Student Access section of the Preferences area of the program. The boxes under Home Access need to be checked. If you don't have access to this area of the program, contact your EducationCity administrator and ask them to make the change. To ensure students and parents are clear on steps to access the program from home, send one of our helpful home access letters, available in either English or Spanish, home with students over the break.

No matter which approach you take, it’s important to recognize your students’ hard work outside of the classroom! When students return to school, review their results in SuccessTracker, and reward students who completed the winter break assignment with a prize or an invitation to a special celebration.

Looking for more ideas to keep your elementary students engaged and motivated to learn during the busy holiday season? Check out these three ideas to effectively use incentives in your classroom!

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Regina Waddell

Regina Waddell is a marketing manager at Edmentum and over the past 8 years has helped both educators and Edmentum employees learn how to successfully implement technology in the classroom. Before her time at Edmentum, Regina spent seven years teaching; two years helping students increase their scores on college entrance exams in the private sector, and five teaching bilingual education in Dallas, TX. Regina holds a BBA from Austin College and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Texas at Arlington.