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Study Island Back-to-School Checklist

Study Island Back-to-School Checklist

We understand this is a hectic time of year with back to school planning, and we want to help. So, we’ve created a back-to-school checklist to help you get up and running with Edmentum’s Study Island without a hitch!  

1. Update your information in the program

A new school year often means a lot of new administrative information. We encourage you to double check your own info as well as your school’s to ensure that everything is current. To update your contact information, simply log into the program as an Administrator, click on your name at the top of the page, and update the necessary fields.

2. Update existing program users

While you’re updating your own information, be sure to update your student and teacher users and add any new users to help ensure a smooth start to the school year. To manage existing users in the program, click on “Admin Page” and “Manage Users”. From there, you can select grades, adjust difficulty, set start dates, export users, clear statistics, move students forward or back grades, change schools, reset passwords, deactivate outdated users, and even set up an “Easy Login” for your youngest K-1 learners. To add new users, click on “Admin Page” and “Add Users”. From here, you can quickly import a list of new users or you add students and teachers individually.

3. Print student login cards

Once you have updated your student information in Study Island, print out their login cards. This ensures your students have record of their usernames and passwords, and will make getting up and running in August or September as easy as possible. It’s also a great idea to print your own master copy of login credentials in case you have a substitute teacher or a student misplaces their copy–which we all know is likely to happen at some point in the year.

There are two ways you can print login cards. On the “Admin Page”, you will see a tab called “Password List”. From here you can select the grade you need and easily print your login cards. Or, if you are logging in from the “Teacher Page”, a section titled ‘My Classes’ will appear. Click on the “Password List” tab, select your grade, and print your login cards accordingly.

4. Create and update your classes

Update your existing classes to reflect your current students. By creating classes you can easily track your students’ progress, create assignments and tests, connect with parents, and monitor each student’s progress. On the “Main Menu”, select “Class Manager”. From here you can select the class you need to edit or add new classes.

5. Reacquaint yourself with Study Island

There’s no time like the present to brush up on all of the features in Study Island! Give yourself a refresher course by attending one of our live or OnDemand Study Island workshops. You will gain great insights into the program features and how you can utilize it to your advantage. You can also learn about what’s new for this school year by attending our live webinar on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM.

6. Get to know Edmentum Sensei

Edmentum Sensei for Study Island is a great way to seamlessly access and interact with data-rich analytics. This feature, which is included as a part of your subscription, is great for providing you with a real-time understanding of what is happening in your classes. Track your students’ progress with intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues. Edmentum Sensei will help you efficiently monitor and manage academic progress and achievement to make faster, more informed decisions for each one of your students. 

7. Become a Power User

Have you seen our new Power User Program? This is a great new feature that you won’t want to miss, especially as you prepare for the fall semester! We designed our Power User Program to help you better understand Study Island and ensure your continued success within the program. Through brief one- to two-minute video lessons that walk you through specific program functionality and short quizzes to test your knowledge, you will be a Power User in no time. Just like your students, the goal of the Power User Program is to earn Blue Ribbons.

8. Take advantage of the Getting Started Kit

We’ve made some great new additions to the Getting Started Kit that you should be sure to check out! This collection of resources includes quick and easy how-to videos, engagement resources, and feature spotlights that will help you get up and running for the new school year.

Looking for additional assistance with Edmentum’s Study Island for a new year? Our support team is here to help! You can reach them by email or phone at or 800.419.3191.