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Study Island Back-to-School Planning Guide

Study Island Back-to-School Planning Guide

As education continues to adapt to the changing world, educators may feel as if they are stepping into the unknown. Consider this new school year as an opportunity to make a fresh start, and with Study Island in your toolbox, you can help students to succeed everywhere learning occurs.

Whether you’re kickstarting a new virtual implementation or reigniting an existing program for the new school year, we want to make sure that you have what you need to get off on the right foot. We’ve assembled our top resources to help you set up things for the new school year, explore all of the features your program has to offer, and learn best practices from successful implementations.

Prepare Your Account for the New Year

There are a few initial steps you should follow to get your implementation off the ground. Our wonderful consultants, on-call support representatives, and our new Edmentum Online Navigator (EON) can guide you through this process, but with the help of some how-to resources, you can also do it yourself. While you may have had it all figured it out by last spring, chances are you’ve forgotten a step or two. Or, you may be brand new to the process entirely! Start by taking the following actions using the how-to tours and tutorials found in the Study Island Help Center.

  1. Update your users: Each new school year ushers in new educators and new students. Make sure that your account is up to date by reviewing your Study Island roster. Administrators can head to the Roster Management section to add new users, remove old ones, and update student grade levels.
  2. Refresh classes and deactivate assignments: To get the most out of Study Island assignments and reporting, it’s important to make sure that classes are created and maintained. Teachers can use class manager to update users in their classes and deactivate old assignments. With brand-new, enhanced class cleanup functionality, this should be a breeze.

Explore Our Favorite Features

While you may have used Study Island to prepare students for the state test or to provide additional classroom practice, did you truly get the most out of the program and take advantage of all that Study Island has to offer? Check out the resources below to learn about the features available in the program.

Group Sessions: Group sessions are a fun and engaging way to find out what your students know and where they need additional support whether in the classroom or virtually!

Test Builder: Looking for a way to create unit tests, interim assessments, and custom quizzes that you don’t have to write questions for or grade? Look no further than Test Builder.

Teacher Toolkit: Full of lesson plans, videos, and more, the Teacher Toolkit is a one-stop shop for instructional resources you can use to take your virtual lesson plans to the next level.

Printable Worksheets: Whether your students do not have access to technology at home, or you just want to provide an additional resource, there’s value and power in providing an analog resource in a digital world. Study Island offers printable worksheets for every subject and topic, allowing teachers to use the question banks to provide a pen-to-paper, physical assignment for their learners. Learn how to use Printable Worksheets and discover Three Ways Educators are Using Printable Worksheets!

Parent Notifications: Keep parents informed about their students’ academic progress by setting up one-time or recurring notifications in which designated parents and/or guardians automatically receive an email when a certain criterion is met. Streamlining communication with parents in today's virtual learning environment is more important than ever!

Lessons: Perfect for independent work or when students are working at home, these short review lessons contain animated, guided practice, or even Khan Academy videos, along with practice items and detailed explanations.

Gather Implementation Ideas and Best Practices

Because Study Island is such a robust tool, there are multiple ways that you can use it in the classroom. Here are just a few implementation ideas and best practices to guide you as you choose the model that works best for you.

Marzano-Validated Best Practices for Online Practice: Through a research study validated by Marzano Research that demonstrated the effectiveness of Study Island, we uncovered four best practices to help students get the most out of online practice.

A Common Yardstick: The Case for Common Assessments: There are a variety of benefits to using common assessments within your school or district, and with Study Island, implementing this effective instructional practice is quick and easy.

6 Tips for Ongoing Content Review with Study Island: How do you make sure that students retain what they’ve learned during the school so that they remember it when it’s time for state assessments and beyond? Try using Study Island for ongoing content review and practice.

Learn from Others’ Success

We frequently have the honor of hearing from our terrific customers across the United States, and they’re all too eager to share the ways they’ve implemented Study Island and the success they’ve experienced.

Study Island 2020 Questions Contest Winner Spotlight: Earlier this year, from February 9 to March 28, Edmentum challenged Study Island students across the nation to answer as many questions correctly as possible and maintain a 60-percent passing rate or higher. We are thrilled to announce that our expectations were highly exceeded with over 1,400 schools and 350,000 students participating! We want to take a moment to honor the winners, as well as highlight insight from the dedicated educators who work diligently each day to motivate their students to practice their skills in Study Island.

Learning Continues During School Closures: When the Fidelity of Your Implementation Pays Off: Prior to the sweeping impact that COVID-19 has had on our nation’s education system, the educators and students at Geiger Elementary were already longtime Edmentum partners, implementing several solutions to support student learning. Most recently, the school was also announced as our Study Island Chromebook Giveaway winner, receiving 25 Chromebooks. As part of that fun video announcement, Mrs. Bramlett shared what a bright spot this has been in the midst of a lot of extraordinary circumstances.

Striving for Success and Supporting a Transient Population in Halifax, North Carolina: No matter the odds, leaders in Halifax County Schools are still fiercely committed to their district initiative: Strive for Five. The key components of this strategic plan ensure that educators are preparing students to become ready, resilient, respectful, triumphant, and proficient. But, putting this plan into action required partnering with a digital provider who understood the district’s needs.

“Using Study Island, we can build on those common skill deficits and go into the program to strengthen students in those particular parts. It can also give students additional practice and reinforcement.” — Dr. Tyrana Battle, Assistant Superintendent 

Increased Rigor, Targeted Intervention, and Meaningful Practice result in Improved School Ratings in Kingman, Arizona (Kingman Unified School District #20 - AZ): When Jeri Wolsey, assistant superintendent at Kingman United School District #20 (KUSD) in Kingman, Arizona, was looking for a program to help boost student achievement, she chose Study Island because she had experienced success using the program as both a teacher and a principal. As the district’s needs expanded, so did its partnership with Edmentum as it added Exact Path and Courseware. As a result of using Edmentum programs, two elementary schools in KUSD have improved their school ratings one letter grade, and high school students are successfully completing coursework that is much more rigorous, requiring a deeper understanding than ever before.

“As a teacher, I used [Study Island],” explained Mrs. Wolsey. “As a principal, I dictated that they would take Study Island grades every week. So, that school became an A. I would say that's largely due to Study Island and the effect it has when you use it consistently and with fidelity.” — Jeri Wolsey, Assistant Superintendent 

Check out some of our favorite Study Island success stories here.

Stay on Top of What’s New

We’re constantly improving our programs based on your feedback. We continue to enhance our programs to meet the unique needs of YOU — our educator partners so that we can continue to evolve our programs to better support the innovative ways that you are implementing them for today's virtual educational experiences. Plus, find out more about our new Edmentum Online Navigator (EON), our newest feature in Study Island!

  • What’s New Page: Here, you’ll always find details about what has just been just released, and you can also preview what features are on deck to drop next.

This blog was originally published on July 24, 2019 

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Regina Waddell

Regina Waddell is a marketing manager at Edmentum and over the past 8 years has helped both educators and Edmentum employees learn how to successfully implement technology in the classroom. Before her time at Edmentum, Regina spent seven years teaching; two years helping students increase their scores on college entrance exams in the private sector, and five teaching bilingual education in Dallas, TX. Regina holds a BBA from Austin College and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Debbie Crawford joined the Edmentum team in 2019 as a Customer Support Representative. After a year of providing direct support to educators each day, Debbie transitioned into the Marketing Specialist role to further her impact for educators. As a First-Generation College Student from a small, rural Texas town, Debbie greatly values education and the educators that go above and beyond to inspire students to pursue learning both in and out of the classroom. Debbie has nine years of experience in arts marketing and was the first woman to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from Hardin-Simmons University. Her goal is to learn something new every day and to inspire others to do the same.