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Study Island Feature Focus: Benchmark Assessments

Study Island Feature Focus: Benchmark Assessments

Edmentum’s formative assessment solution, Study Island, features built in Benchmark Assessments within each subject designed to help assess your students’ progress toward meeting standards and preparing for state testing. Benchmark Assessment solutions provide you with the data to pinpoint academic strengthens and weakness, differentiate instruction, and target individual student needs.

1. Anywhere, anytime access: If you’re in a traditional classroom or have students working at their own pace in different locations, you and your students can easily access Edmentum’s Study Island Benchmark assessments anywhere there is an internet connection. This gives your students the flexibility to complete their assessments at their own pace.

2. Comprehensive, real-time reporting: Built-in reporting offers detailed information that will help you individualized instruction and make the most of your time with students. Our real-time reports:

  • Allow you to capture mastery of grade-level standards overtime
  • Help you understand and analyze baseline competencies in core subject areas
  • Demonstrate results across administration so you can visualize progress
  • Aggregate results by school and across performance categories
  • And much more! 

3. Four available assessments: As a benchmark assessment user, you have access to four easy-to-use benchmark assessments available per subject for each grade level. All four Benchmark assessments are available and ready to be administered at any time throughout the year. This allows you to easily determine a starting point for each student near the beginning of the school year, and then over time administer the remaining three to continue to gauge strengths and needs of your students as you make progress towards your end-of-year assessments.

4. Technology-enhanced item-types (TE): Item types like multiple choice, multiple response, constructed response, and audio mimic those your students will be exposed to on next-generation assessments. These item types are designed to be more rigorous, promote higher-order thinking and inquiry, and require students to utilize specific technology skills. Introducing your students early in the school year to the content and item-types they will likely encounter on testing days helps them build confidence as they get closer to end-of-year assessments.   

5. An engaging student interface: Our assessment interface includes a streamlined workflow that creates an experience which aligns to what students will expect on state tests, giving them confidence as they get closer to end-of-year assessments. Students have easy access to a variety of tools including multi-colored highlighters, a scratch pad, font size adjustment, and reference sheets—depending on the availability of tools on your state assessment. Students can easily transition back and forth between questions, save their tests for later, and turn them in when ready.

Benchmarking features within Study Island are designed to help promote a higher order of thinking in your students, while providing educators with the tools you need to help students master state standards and achieve success on assessment days. Ready to learn more? Find out all about Study Island Benchmark Assessments here