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[Study Island Feature Focus] Lessons

[Study Island Feature Focus] Lessons

Did you know that you have access to a plethora of additional learning resources at your fingertips in Study Island? In today’s changing world, virtual learning is a necessity, and educators are going above and beyond by adapting the ways they deliver instruction. We think you are a superhero, so we want to keep up with your superhuman needs!

Study Island provides aligned lessons for every topic! Perfect for independent work or when students are working at home, these short review lessons contain animated, guided practice, or even Khan Academy videos, along with practice items and detailed explanations. Even Taco the Crab makes a starring appearance in many of these engaging video lessons! Let’s take a deeper look at how you can make use of Study Island’s lessons.

How can instructors access Lessons?

There are multiple ways to access the lessons feature in Study Island. Teachers can access the resources embedded into lessons at any time in the Teacher Toolkit! 

Study Island Video Lessons Naviation Teacher Toolkit

Complete Lessons can be viewed from the topic tree, accessible from the main menu. Then simply select the subject, grade level, and then click on a topic.

Video Lessons Topic Tree

Can instructors require a student to access a lesson before working on practice?

Yes. When assigning topics to students, be sure to assign the Lesson and “Enforce Order of Topics” under the Resource Settings.

Video Lessons Enforce Order


Check out some examples of lessons below!

 Study Island Math Lesson

Chemistry Lesson Study Island

 Interested in getting to know more of Study Island's features and tools? Check out the Study Island Getting Started Resources page for useful links, vidoes, and more!