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Study Island Feature Update: Brand-New Reports

Study Island Feature Update: Brand-New Reports


Study Island has released 10 brand-new or updated Built Test and Benchmark reports designed to streamline your assessment data even further. This enhancement will help drive instruction and give you even more insight into student or school performance. We’ve put together brief descriptions of each report as well as screenshots of a few of our favorites:


Growth Graph [District Benchmark Report]: This new report allows you to easily visualize Benchmark results across assessment administrations.

Study Island Growth Graph Report


Item Analysis [District Benchmark]: With this new report, you can see student Benchmark results aggregated by school.

School Comparison Graph [District Benchmark]: The School Comparison Graph aggregates results across performance categories and compares Benchmark results for selected schools within a district.

Study Island School Comparison Graph 


School or District Built Test Item Analysis Reports: The School or District Built Test Item Analysis reports aggregate Built Test results by school or class. Details within the report align to topics and standards.

Study Island Built Test Item Analysis Report


District Built Test Question Analysis Drilldown Report: This new report details Built Test question results by students in a selected school

School or District Built Test Question Analysis Reports: The School or District Built Test Question Analysis Reports detail item results by student or school. These reports highlight the correct answer for each question as well as provide a brief explanation.

Study Island Built Test Question Analysis Report


Teacher Activity Report: School administrators can quick see how teachers are benefiting from the system at the building level.

District Built Test School Comparison Report: Preview by Topic: Districts can now preview Built Test questions delivered by standard/topic.

We hope that you’re as excited about these new reports as we are to deliver them to you! 

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