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Study Island Year in Review: Our Top Updates & Enhancements

Study Island Year in Review: Our Top Updates & Enhancements

We are committed to developing and delivering streamlined, easy-to-use, intuitive solutions and rigorous, high-quality content that supports your instructional goals. From enhanced reporting to new classroom engagement features, it has been a big year for Study Island! Here is a brief recap of the new features and functionality released during the previous school year.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are the latest way for teachers to engage and connect with their students in whole-class or small-group settings. These unique practice sessions allow you to interact with small or large groups by presenting a Study Island question to your students, and then tracking their correct or incorrect responses in real time, all while engaging in group discussion about the answer.

Built Test and Benchmark Reports

Earlier this year we released 10 brand-new or updated Built Test and Benchmark reports designed to give you even more insights into how your students, school, and district are performing. These new district and school-level reports detail item results, offer a more complete snapshot of student progress, and provide insight for analysis through data visualization across administrations.

Study Island Built Test & Benchmark Reports

Math Practice Activities

Included as a part of the Teacher Toolkit, math practice activities are an extra tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. Structured to meet DOK level 3 and level 4 complexity ratings, our new math practice activities offer teachers new ways to cover the Common Core math practice standards. Within each activity, teachers are presented with the DOK level, a detailed list of required resources, a timeline and description of the task, detailed description of the activity’s steps and procedures, and more.

Study Island Math Practice

Benchmarks Assessments

During the 2015-16 school year, we released several new 3rd grade through high school level state and national interim benchmark assessments for math and ELA. We also introduced an enhanced user interface for our assessments, specifically designed to more closely align with next generation assessment formats. We launched an overall update to the navigation and question layout, audio tools, testing tools for students, and rubrics. 

New Technology Enhanced Items

In addition to releasing new math, ELA, science, and social studies content, we have released 2,600 new technology enhanced items over the past year. These rigorous items are designed to promote higher order thinking and inquiry. This brings our total count to over 6,400 items. In addition, we added in new item types to our benchmark tests.

Study Island Technology Enhanced Item Types

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