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Success Story: East Chicago Central High School

Success Story: East Chicago Central High School

East Chicago Central needed a solution that offered both English language arts and math support while also having the differentiation abilities to help teachers identify knowledge gaps. Central also wanted to establish a blended learning program for learners struggling on the Indiana End of Course assessments, where software would work hand-in-hand with in-person instruction. After some investigation, they chose Plato Courseware, including the Secondary Academic Library, Beyond High School, Secondary Math, Test Packs, Accucess, and FlexTest. "We were looking for a solution that offered rigorous coursework for the students and a user-friendly interface for the teachers, all while being aligned to the Indiana State Standards,” said Mr. McCollum.

"I have had several seniors comment to me that the blended learning environment with Plato Courseware was the reason for their success on the Indiana End of Course Assessments. These students had taken the EOCs for several years prior without success." 

~ Wendell McCollum, Principal, East Chicago Central High School.

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