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Success Story: Lisbon Community School District

Success Story: Lisbon Community School District

Dean of Students, Terese Jurgensen, from Lisbon Community School District tells us how they've implemented Plato Courseware.

Moving into the summer of 2012, Lisbon Community School District Dean of Students Terese Jurgensen wanted to address a growing number of students who were not proficient in reading, math, or both and were at risk of falling behind their peers. The district identified 68 such students. “Our goal was to close the achievement gap with our students in grades 1-8 who were not proficient or were falling behind,” said Ms. Jurgensen. Therefore, the goal was not only credit recovery for the students who had failed in the previous school year, but to also give a boost to those who were at risk of failing in 2013.

“One parent told me, ‘My daughter’s attitude about learning totally changed. She is now looking forward to the new school year with confidence.’ This has the potential to be a lasting change for these students.”  ~Terese Jurgensen, Dean of Students

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