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Summer Education Conferences in 2021 You Won’t Want to Miss

Summer Education Conferences in 2021 You Won’t Want to Miss

Conferences are a great way to meet new people, get exposed to new ideas, and experience thoughtful conversations on the latest and greatest trends and need-to-know topics in education. In fact, you may find members of Edmetum’s Research and Learning Engineering Team attending and presenting at many of these events! Here are a few conferences you won’t want to miss this summer.

Artificial Intelligence in Education
June 14 – 18, 2021; Online from Utretch (Netherlands)

AIED 2021 will be the 22nd edition of a longstanding series of international conferences, known for high quality and innovative research on intelligent systems and cognitive science approaches for educational computing applications. Mindful of the current challenges that we face, the conference theme will be: Mind the Gap: AIED for Equity and Inclusion. In this conference, we invite the AIED community to reflect on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in regard to the educational tools and algorithms that we build, how we assess the efficacy and impact of our applications, the theories that we build on and contribute to, and within the AIED society. 

Next Generation by Design Symposium - Spurring Innovation in AI Tool Development to Address Inequities in Education
June 16, 2021; Virtual

The Next Generation by Design (NGBD) Symposium is an annual event that brings together education industry leaders and practitioners who are actively designing, developing, deploying and promoting next generation software and systems to more effectively support student success. Throughout 2021, DXtera Institute and their partners across the world are hosting a series of collaborative meetings to engage colleagues and peers in how to design the learning environment of the future. On June 16, look out for Spurring Innovation in AI tool development to address inequities in education – an event with Riiid Labs featuring Edmentum’s Vice President of Research and Learning Engineering, Dr. Michelle Barrett as keynote.

CCSSO National Conference on Student Assessment
June 21 -23, 2021; Virtual

In 2021, NCSA celebrates more than 50 years of innovation, spanning five decades of tremendous change in the field of student assessment. Assessment data has increasingly informed major education decisions tied to accountability and school improvement and the methods used to communicate student achievement information have changed dramatically. During the conference, participants will share reflections, best practices, strategies, research studies, resources, and innovative methods to measure student learning and support districts and schools to ensure the educational progress of all students.

June 26 – 30, 2021; Virtual

The Epicenter of EdTech, ISTE is where educators and school leaders go to learn about new tools and strategies. With hundreds of sessions and a custom online experience designed to engage, experience, connect and access, this event has endless learning opportunities perfect for industry reps, teachers, tech coordinators/directors, administrators, and more. Don’t forget to look for Edmentum sessions.  We’re presenting a Solution Snapshot each day of the conference (Sunday-Wednesday) with valuable information for educators and administrators. You can also look for us in the Solutions Hub – ISTE’s virtual exhibitor hall. We’ll have knowledgeable Edmentum experts on hand to answer any questions you might have, and you can browse through various resources available.

HCII Adaptive Instructional Systems Conference
July 24 – 29, 2021; Virtual

HCI International 2021, jointly with the affiliated Conferences, under the auspices of 21 distinguished international boards, held under one management and one registration, will be organized and run as a virtual conference. The goal of the Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Conference, affiliated to the HCI International conference, is to understand the theory and enhance the state-of-practice for a set of technologies (tools and methods) called adaptive instructional systems. The focus of this conference on instructional tailoring of learning experiences highlights the importance of accurately modeling learners to accelerate their learning, boost the effectiveness of AIS-based experiences, and to precisely reflect their long-term competence in a variety of domains of instruction.