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[Summer Enhancements] Have you seen EducationCity lately?

[Summer Enhancements] Have you seen EducationCity lately?

Our EducationCity team has been hard at work this summer making some exciting enhancements that are now available just in time for the new school year! Based on your feedback, we’ve added more features that are sure to make your user experience even better.

EducationCity is trusted by over 40,000 teachers to transform learning for pre-K through 6th grade students across six different subjects—language arts, math, science, computing, matemáticas, and English as a second language. Whether you’re a frequent user or just getting to know EducationCity, read on to explore new features and functionality that can help you facilitate meaningful learning experiences and streamline daily activities.

PlayLive Arena 

The PlayLive arena just got a little more exciting! Both spelling and math PlayLive games now include new animation and music, and they even allow students to select from a new set of animated racers to be part of the action. In spelling, colorful frogs now hop to the finish line, while in math, a collection of silly snails race around the track. 

Before the challenge begins, players in math also have the opportunity to refine the skill they will be practicing. This means selecting between addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Finally, with this refresh, both spelling and math PlayLive games are now fully mobile-optimized.

Social Studies MyCity

Did you know that EducationCity includes cross-curricular resources? Our core subject content can also reinforce important social studies concepts. Preview the new Social Studies MyCity to view examples and identify content you may want to weave into your next lesson.

Example MyCities are the perfect introduction to using individualized learning pathways to build student assignments. You can manipulate, add, or delete content and save your own version without ever losing your original example.

Teacher & Admin Avatar Select

Lesson planning doesn't always have to be a drag—you should have a little fun along the way! That's why, in our latest release, avatar selection is open to teachers and administrators too. Get a few giggles while selecting a monster of your choice. Simply click on your current avatar and navigate through any of our new flying, spotted, or hairy friends to pick your favorite.

Florida Standards Map

Keeping a pulse on state standard development is one of our top priorities. For our Florida customers, we've aligned all content across our core subjects to your state standards. Now, during lesson planning, you can quickly navigate to the Standards Map to see lesson ideas, Activities, Learn Screens, and more aligned to the specific Florida standard you're covering in class.

 SuccessTracker Updates

EducationCity automatically individualizes learning following the administration of a test by creating a Revision Journal made up of activities intended to help students achieve mastery in areas of need. Now, there is a new Revision Journal preview area within SuccessTracker that reflects student performance as well as offers a snapshot of how students are progressing through the pathway of activities.

SuccessTracker also now includes a new saving feature that remembers your reporting preferences and allows you to build meaningful reports with fewer clicks. Make your reporting selections, then before advancing to create your actual report, check the box titled “Save this selection.” By choosing this option as part of your creation process, your filters will be remembered the next time you visit the SuccessTracker area.

Times Table Songs Content Type

In our Math subject, grades 3–6, you will now notice a new content type called Times Table Songs! This new area in math breaks out our familiar times tables songs into their very own self-contained piece of content. Infuse a little fun in your classroom and keep students engaged in learning with these fun, animated music videos! This supplemental content will continue to reside in the Activity content type, giving you ultimate flexibility around what you want to launch or assign to students.

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Madison Michell

Madison Michell has been a member of the Edmentum team since 2014 and currently serves as a Marketing Manager. As a former Kindergarten and 3rd grade teacher during her time as a Teach For America corps member, she believes education truly has the power to transform lives. She is passionate about connecting educators with online programs, best practices, and research that improve teaching and learning for today's students.