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[Summer Learning] Building Real-World Health & Fitness Skills with Online Courses Powered by Carone Learning

[Summer Learning] Building Real-World Health & Fitness Skills with Online Courses Powered by Carone Learning

The long-awaited summer break is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean learning should stop! However, did you know that only 9.2% of America’s 48 million students attend summer school? Keeping students on a consistent schedule and in a learning environment can be be beneficial for all students—not just those who need to catch up. The key to successful summer learning is to make it engaging, active, and applicable. 

Edmentum’s recently expanded library of online Health and Fitness Library courses powered by Carone Learning can help provide students with just these kind of summer learning experiences. With our new courses, students can learn important real-world skills including CPR; personal and household safety; effective study methods; and personal finance basics. These are skills that students can put to use right away, and for some students, they may even fulfil graduation requirements. In fact, students in Ohio now must receive CPR training to earn their diploma.

Let’s take a closer look at several of the courses within our new Health and Fitness library and the skills they can help your learners acquire this summer or anytime throughout the year:

First Aid & Safety

In this course, students learn and practice first aid procedures for common conditions, including muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue injuries. In addition, students learn how to appropriately respond to a variety of emergency situations. They also learn the procedure to respond to a choking incident as well as CPR for infants, children, and adults. In addition to emergency response, students  explore personal, household, and outdoor safety, and disaster preparedness.

Life Skills

This course allows students to explore their personality type and interests, as well as refine important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. These include personal nutrition and fitness practices, time & stress management, communication & healthy relationships, goal setting, study skills, leadership and service, environmental and consumer health, and personal finances. In addition, students explore possible college and career options that match their needs, interests, and talents.

Personal Health & Fitness

This combined health and PE course provides students with essential knowledge and decision-making skills for a healthy lifestyle. Students analyze aspects of emotional, social, and physical health and how these realms of health influence each other. Students also consider how to apply principles of health and wellness to their own lives. In addition, they study behavior change and set goals to work on throughout the course, as well as discussing substance abuse, safety and injury prevention, environmental health, and consumer health.

Interested in learning more about how Edmentum’s extensive library of online course options, including our Health and Fitness library powered by Carone Learning, can help you provide meaningful summer learning options for your students? Check out our complete course catalog here!