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Supporting Special Education Through Exact Path

Supporting Special Education Through Exact Path

Trish Davis, special education teacher at Cushing Middle School in Cushing, Oklahoma, is committed to providing her students with equitable learning opportunities. She describes Exact Path—Edmentum’s K–12 personalized learning program for math, reading, and English language arts—as key to success in her classroom.

“[My students] can eventually learn so much more than people have believed they could,” reported Ms. Davis. “The way this program is designed creates an atmosphere for success for the students that no other curriculum has provided for them in years before.”

One area in particular that Ms. Davis highlighted is the automatically-generated, built-in learning path tailored to each student’s unique needs based on diagnostic assessment results.

“The learning path is so specific and so individualized that a teacher recognizes very quickly what that student needs to focus on,” explained Ms. Davis. “So, little time is wasted trying to figure that out. More time is allowed to focus on the standards that these children have yet to master.”

Exact Path’s high-quality learning paths include content arranged along a valid progression of K–12 curriculum, and they provide teachers with even more flexibility to search for additional content, build just-in-time assignments, and drive meaningful intervention.

By leveraging the program to pinpoint the foundational holes students have not yet mastered and then honing in on those areas to close gaps, Ms. Davis noted: “[Exact Path] restores hope; it gives confidence, and the little lightbulbs in my classroom are going off all the time as children begin to own a new understanding of an old failure.”

What many educators might not know is that Exact Path offers even more carefully designed features to support students of diverse abilities. If students require modifications or accommodations based on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or Section 504 plans, Exact Path offers an array of flexible options to address distinct student needs, as detailed further in our Exact Path Accommodations & Modifications chart.

Mary Ann Carter, exceptional children’s teacher at Lakewood High School in Salemburg, North Carolina, is another of the many educators who have found that Exact Path helps drive growth for students receiving special education services. “I appreciate that I am able to use the data to write IEP goals for my students,” said Mrs. Carter. These robust data features include adaptive diagnostic results, learning path data, and usage reports.

Mandy Wheeler, a 2nd grade special education teacher at North Jackson Elementary School in Talmo, Georgia, also spoke to the program’s role in her students’ IEP plans. She shared, “I use Exact Path as a progress monitoring measure for my students' IEP goals and objectives. This program provides me with evidence and data to support their progress and achievement based on their individual academic needs.”

Stacey Jurek, a high school special education teacher at Little Falls Community High School in Little Falls, Minnesota, described how Exact Path also translates to demonstrable academic success for her learners: “We love this because I see a ton of growth with my students with their reading level.” Further, Exact Path’s built-in motivational features keep students engaged and excited about learning. “We love the engaging and interactive lessons,” Ms. Wheeler continued.

Whether you are teaching elementary, middle, or high school students, Exact Path can be a powerful tool to support learners receiving special education services. Interested in learning more? Get to know key features on our Exact Path Getting Started Resources page.