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[Teacher Tips] 8 Summer Side Hustles for Teachers

[Teacher Tips] 8 Summer Side Hustles for Teachers

There’s no question that every educator out there deserves a long, relaxing, worry-free summer vacation off. But when it comes to the summer side hustle, many educators are no stranger. In addition to school closures, the COVID-19 pandemic has left many needing to be resourceful when comes to finding a legitimate and sustainable part time job. As a teacher, you have a set of skills and credentials like organization, leadership ability, and intelligence, that are perfect for pretty much every part-time gig there is. Whether you’re saving up for a big purchase, looking to pay off a loan, or just want some extra cash, there’s a fun side job that aligns to your interests.

Check out these interesting ways you can effectivly and safely earn some extra income this summer.

1. Do voice-overs

Voice-over (VO) acting is a fun way to earn money on your own schedule, and it makes for a great conversation topic at dinner parties. Also, as a teacher, you’re already a skilled and articulate speaker who knows all the best tricks and tips for storytelling. Learn more about how to dabble in the VO biz here, and see if voice-over acting could be your next side gig.

2. Edit papers – for fun!

Freelance editing is the perfect way to transfer your skills and experience with proofreading and editing into cold, hard cash. A quick Google search will bring up pages and pages of want ads for freelance editing work—or you could always keep your services local and finally give the feature film script your brother-in-law wrote a readthrough in exchange for some moolah.

3. Offer your tutoring services

You’ve already mastered the gift of teaching—why not put it to more good use? With the newly termed “COVID-19 Slide” there are tons of parents and students out there looking to keep their children learning this summer. Check out your school’s policies on tutoring, as there may already be a system in place for teachers to make extra money after school. If not, you can always try working for an online service like, and many cities have local tutoring businesses you can apply to as well.

4. Sell your lesson plans and classroom materials

Did you come up with some AWESOME virtual lesson plans during COVID-19 shutdowns that made all of your students engage and participate? Well share that masterpiece with the world! Teachers Pay Teachers is a classroom staple these days for cute, well designed, and engaging classroom lessons. Earn some extra cash and help fellow teachers in a time where they need it the most.

5. Consign your closet

If you have a passion for fashion, selling what’s in your wardrobe could be the perfect way not only to get you to clean out your closet but also to earn some extra dough. Sell the items that no longer spark joy for you through online resale shops like Poshmark or thredUP, or invite your friends on social media to shop your closet by posting pictures of items you’re willing to sell. Be sure to call ahead before you take your clothes anywhere and review any health and safety measures different buyers might be taking.

6. Open an Etsy shop

Did you indulge in a new hobby during quarantine? Are you the teacher who everyone secretly envies because your classroom is “Pinterest perfect?” If you’re naturally crafty and love a good creative outlet, capitalize on your talents with an Etsy shop! For every crafty teacher who wants to make everything in his or her classroom, there’s always one (or more) who would rather just buy it online—and pay you for it.

7. Become part of the #FitFam

One of the newest crazes of quarantine is virtual workout classes. While gyms are closed and people are looking for something to do, take advantage by becoming an online yoga, spin, or general fitness instructor. It is a great way to stay healthy, connect with others in a time of social distancing, and earn extra money (plus save some on a gym membership) before or after school, and during the summers!

8. Write for an educational website

Do you have thoughts or opinions about how the future of education will shape out post-COVID-19? Do you have some advice for fellow educators who are still lost in this newly virtual world of teaching? Well, educational websites are looking for you! Most of the articles on educational websites are written by former or current educators. After all, you’re the ones with the experience. Never freelanced before? Find a site you’d like to work for, get familiar with the type of writing it publishes, and then try pitching a strong article on something it doesn’t already have! Some of our favorites are WeAreTeachersEdSurge, and Edutopia—plus, you could write for us!

With everything going on in the world right now, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Make sure you master the art of mindfulness before you go, go, go on your own side hustle, and more importantly,  stay safe and healthy this summer!