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[Teacher Tips] Boost Engagement with Study Island Quests

[Teacher Tips] Boost Engagement with Study Island Quests

Study Island is a great tool for use in a fully virtual environment because it ensures that students are practicing their skills and being assessed based on the standards. To add a little more fun to your Study Island implementation, consider giving your students a daily or weekly Study Island quest. Have your students complete some specific action in Study Island and send the result to you and/or the class. The quest doesn’t need to be complicated—just something simple that encourages students to engage with Study Island, their teacher, and their classmates.

Here are a few simple quest ideas for students:

  • After completing a Study Island practice session, take a selfie with your Blue Ribbon.
  • Take a picture/screenshot of your nickname during a Group Session.
  • Complete a practice session in game mode. Take a screenshot/picture of your game score.
  • View your Individual Summary Report. Take a screenshot/picture of the total time you spent working in Study Island during the week.
  • Locate Taco the Crab in a lesson, within your student interface, or within a practice session. Take a selfie with him.
  • Review the explanation for each question in a practice session. Write down three things you learned.
  • Review the lesson for the topic you’re working on. Write down one thing you learned.
  • Complete at least one of the suggested topics listed on your homepage. Take a screenshot/picture of your score. Write down any questions you still have about the concept.
  • Take a screenshot/picture of your Blue Ribbon snapshot on your homepage.
  • How many topics have you mastered in (insert subject)? Take a screenshot/picture of your gold ribbon and the percentage complete.

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