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[Teacher Tips] Boost Engagement with Study Island Quests

[Teacher Tips] Boost Engagement with Study Island Quests

Study Island is a great tool for use in a fully virtual environment because it ensures that students are practicing their skills and being assessed based on the standards. To add a little more fun to your Study Island implementation, consider giving your students a daily or weekly Study Island quest. Have your students complete some specific action in Study Island and send the result to you and/or the class. The quest doesn’t need to be complicated—just something simple that encourages students to engage with Study Island, their teacher, and their classmates.

Here are a few simple quest ideas for students:

  • After completing a Study Island practice session, take a selfie with your Blue Ribbon.
  • Take a picture/screenshot of your nickname during a Group Session.
  • Complete a practice session in game mode. Take a screenshot/picture of your game score.
  • View your Individual Summary Report. Take a screenshot/picture of the total time you spent working in Study Island during the week.
  • Locate Taco the Crab in a lesson, within your student interface, or within a practice session. Take a selfie with him.
  • Review the explanation for each question in a practice session. Write down three things you learned.
  • Review the lesson for the topic you’re working on. Write down one thing you learned.
  • Complete at least one of the suggested topics listed on your homepage. Take a screenshot/picture of your score. Write down any questions you still have about the concept.
  • Take a screenshot/picture of your Blue Ribbon snapshot on your homepage.
  • How many topics have you mastered in (insert subject)? Take a screenshot/picture of your gold ribbon and the percentage complete.

Looking for more ideas on how to implement Study Island in a fully virtual environment? Check out our blog post on Managing School Closures: 4 Ways Educators Can Use Study Island to Keep Students from Falling Behind.

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Karen Davis

Karen Davis is a Partnership Manager at Edmentum for the states of Florida and Georgia. She has always had a passion to inspire fun and engaging instruction for teachers and students and believes in serving EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY! Karen has over 36 years of experience in the field of education and has served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, district administrator, and an educational consultant.

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Allison Gesacion

Allison Gesacion is a Partnership Manager at Edmentum for the state of Florida.  Prior to joining Edmentum, Allison spent seven years as an educational consultant where she assisted reading specialists, literacy coaches, principals, and district administrators in literacy initiatives. Allison also successfully owned and operated a supplemental Educational Services company after spending over 10 years as a classroom teacher and literacy coach for grades K–8.