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Team Up Tuesday: What’s New with Edmentum? A lot!

Team Up Tuesday: What’s New with Edmentum? A lot!

At the upcoming ISTE conference in Atlanta from June 28 – July 1, we’re going to be demonstrating quite a few product innovations that will be coming to educators during the 2014 through 2015 school year. Since we’ve already filled you in on Plato Courseware, Edmentum Assessments, EdOptions Academy, and EducationCity V2, let’s take a moment to focus on Study Island, our data-driven standards mastery solution, so you can learn a little bit more about what’s next for this program.

Study Island recently won the 2014 CODiE Award™ for Best Student Assessment Solution, and we’re hard at work making sure we continue to update its standards mastery programming to meet the evolving needs of educators across the country. As guidelines change, we’ll make sure the practice that students receive is aligned to their specific state standards. Similarly, we’re adding new benchmark assessments, including one built for PARCC and one built for SBAC.

Our next piece of exciting news is that Edmentum Sensei will be coming to Study Island to help teachers analyze their students’ progress toward standards mastery. Edmentum Sensei has been developed to make it easy to efficiently monitor and manage academic progress and achievement to make faster, more informed decisions. This mobile-optimized tool is already available for Plato Courseware, allowing educators to monitor course progress, and Edmentum Assessments, helping educators evaluate assessment data. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing more information on this innovation, so make sure you follow us on Facebook so that you don’t miss the next sneak peak.

Edmentum Sensei for Study Island

Available Winter 2014

Finally, we haven’t forgotten about the students who use Study Island. To help reward them for their hard work, we’ve developed four new Premium Games, which will be ready and waiting for them when they return from summer break. We’re using more animation technology to add another level of interaction to these games, and we’ve also added options for different skill levels into the mix. To play the games, students have to answer questions in Study Island correctly, and only then do they have the opportunity to play in Game Mode.

We’d love to have a chance to show you Study Island at ISTE, whether it’s previewing what’s coming up or just giving you a basic overview of its standards mastery programming. If you are going to have a chance to attend the show in Atlanta, please feel free to stop by our booth (#2014—yep, just like the year). Let’s team up!

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