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Tech Tip: Mobile

Tech Tip: Mobile

When the innovation and popularity of the iPad forced the hand of developers across the globe to utilize technologies outside of Flash to create rich interfaces, companies like Edmentum had no choice other than to take note.  With our comprehensive suite of preK-Adult products, we have over 20,000 hours of instructional content, most of it delivered using Flash. It is not a simple undertaking to unwind years of experience and processes centered on Flash development and change directions. We were forced to ask ourselves how important is it to support tablet devices, specifically the iPad. With the continued rise of 1:1 computing and purchasing trends of iPads, the answer was obvious. Not only is it important, but it is critical to meet the needs of both the educators and learners we serve. Our annual customer survey this year added more evidence to this as we had more users indicate they will be buying iPads rather than laptops.

This year marked a major shift in our technology strategy for delivering our content and courses to our customers.  We introduced our new HTML5 based content delivery engine for all Plato Courseware.  As new content and courses are refreshed and developed, they will be delivered in HTML.  These learning activities will offer the same rich, interactive features that have always made our content engaging and exciting.  Now this same interactivity is available in a touch friendly interface that runs great on the iPad.

HTML5 and other Web 2.0 technologies such as jQuery, JavaScript libraries and CSS3 will be our delivery engine for the future. You can expect to see our library of tablet friendly content consistently increasing. 

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Paul Johansen

Paul is Vice President of Product and Chief Technology Officer at Edmentum overseeing talented groups that have the exciting responsibility for delivering our online solutions to our customers. His teams manage our comprehensive product portfolio, design our world class user experiences, develop our technology platform and operate our data centers. Paul loves to spend time out with our customers and stays active in his children’s home district where he recently helped design a K-6 coding curriculum and is a member of the district innovation team. Paul has degrees in Computer Science and Marketing from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from MIT. He has been with Edmentum since 2009.