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Three Ways Educators are Using Study Island Printable Worksheets to Support Student Achievement

Three Ways Educators are Using Study Island Printable Worksheets to Support Student Achievement

Every morning, while my French press coffee is steeping in the kitchen, I pull up my calendar on my computer and carefully transcribe the big events of my day onto a yellow sticky note. To an outsider, it probably seems redundant. “All that information is already available digitally,” some might remark. They’re not wrong. But, I like my system. I like having something physical to hold on to. I really like crossing things off that list throughout the day. It’s old school, but it works for me.

As a 21st century digital curriculum provider, Edmentum excels at delivering technology-based solutions for the classroom. But, weaved throughout our digital solutions are printable resources for our learners. Some may think these are old school—redundant. They’re not wrong. But, there’s value and power in providing an analog resource in a digital world. 

Study Island offers printable worksheets for every subject and topic, allowing teachers to use the question banks to provide a pen-to-paper, physical assignment for their learners. I’ve seen schools use these in a variety of innovative ways:


One teacher I worked with uses the Study Island printable worksheets specifically for remediation. As soon as she identifies that learners are struggling, she will print off the worksheet for that skill in a previous grade level. She uses the option of removing the multiple-choice answers, making every question open-ended. Seeing the students’ handwritten responses allows her to better identify where the students’ knowledge gaps are. How are they working through this material? How are they describing their answers? Are they showing their work? These printables are capturing a little more information to help this instructor decide her next steps. 

Center/Station-Rotation Activity 

With increasing class sizes, it can be a challenge for a teacher to find time to work with a smaller group of students. A center/station-rotation activity within a classroom helps create a situation where teachers are freed up to work with smaller groups. Station rotations usually involve breaking the students into smaller groups and rotating them from one section of the class to another, where there are different activities or tasks for them to complete. One station usually involves the teacher themselves, working withsmaller groups, while the rest of the class works on meaningful practice. Printable worksheets can easily fill one of these rotation stations as a small-group activity that students can work on with their peers aloud, talking through the problems and working through the solution together. Once the students arrive at the teacher-manned station, the group can discuss their results from the printable worksheet, and the instructor can provide valuable feedback on their work, using it as a chance to deepen knowledge and fill gaps.

Extra Credit

When I was a teacher, I remember receiving calls from parents, as well as desperate pleas from students, saying the same thing, “Are there any opportunities for extra credit?” As a teacher, this request made me tense up. Of course, I want to provide extra credit opportunities, but I don’t want to have to create them myself! Who has time for that? It always felt like extra credit for my students just translated to extra work for me. Using the Study Island printable worksheets takes this stress away. Not only does Study Island provide teachers with the content itself in printable format, but also it gives teachers the answer key, as well as a detailed explanation for every single question. In the era of “work smarter, not harder,” Study Island printables are an easily accessible extra-credit option.

One instructor I knew took the detailed explanations, printed them off with the worksheet, cut the explanations into word strips, and handed the explanations and worksheet to a student simultaneously. The goal was to have the student complete the worksheet, and also have him or her identify which explanation most appropriately fit each question. It was a brilliant way to increase depth of knowledge.

We are so fortunate to live in a world with such an abundance of technology at our fingertips, and digital resources have helped transform classrooms, provide additional options for students, and save teachers time. Even still, my sticky-note system will remain firmly in place. It’s old-school cool.

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Lindsey Witt has a degree in Secondary Education from Brigham Young University. She has been helping teachers and administrators successfully implement Edmentum solutions for the past seven years. Before that, she taught middle school history for five years. Her passion is equal access to education for all learners. When she’s not working with educators, she’s on her bicycle or in the mountains.