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Tips for a Smooth Transition to Summer School

Tips for a Smooth Transition to Summer School

Summer is nearly upon us and we want to make sure your transition to summer school is as easy as possible so we’ve developed a Guide to Summer School Success, and we want you to have it for free!  It’s not too late to create an unforgettable summer school experience.

In this guide you will find:

  • Four tips to achieving summer student success
  • Five easy to implement summer school engagement ideas
  • Three summer school solutions

Engaging students in the summer is never easy. As you plan for your upcoming summer school program, consider the following:

  • Use stations to provide students with variety and increase their engagement
  • Set meaningful and achievable goals to motivate your students
  • Leverage communication channels including social media to involve parents
  • Provide students with a variety of practice and instruction opportunities during summer months.

For more ideas on how to boost summer engagement, download our easy to use Summer School Success Guide today!