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Tools for Educational Equity: FEV Tutor and Foundational Skills Instruction

Tools for Educational Equity: FEV Tutor and Foundational Skills Instruction

Educators are seeing more students in need of significant intervention than ever before, and the impact has been felt more deeply among historically underserved student populations. In fact, Edmentum’s research scientists have used learning-loss projections to predict a significant increase in student percentages this school year in need of tier 3 intervention of multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). So, how can we provide support and equitable access for all students?

Tutoring and targeted small-group instruction have proven to be effective methods for helping students accelerate to tier 1 performance levels. In fact, in a recent meta-analysis of several randomized studies on the impact of tutoring, researchers found that the impact of tutoring could be equated to a student advancing from the 50th percentile to nearly the 66th percentile. To ensure that schools and districts have access to these helpful instructional supports, Edmentum offers individualized tutoring through our partnership with FEV Tutor, as well as a supplemental skill-based instructional service, Foundational Skills Instruction.

Foundational Skills Instruction

Imagine the growth that students could make if every classroom had an additional teacher providing pullout instruction targeted to each student’s skill gaps. Edmentum’s Foundational Skills Instruction service does just that. With our Foundational Skills Instruction, certified teachers offer live, virtual math and reading lessons that focus on the key skills that students need to master at each grade level and on each subject. Lessons and topics are scheduled throughout the school day so that teachers can select the times that work best for their students to shore up skill gaps and move learning forward.

Take a look at our Foundational Skills Instruction in action:

FEV Tutor

With Courseware and EdOptions Academy, virtual tutoring through FEV Tutor allows students to receive live, one-to-one instructional support from a highly qualified tutor to help them with their coursework, homework, and other targeted instruction. Tutoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through either prescheduled sessions with their preferred tutor or on demand. Tutoring is conducted through a web-based platform that features a virtual whiteboard for live synchronous instruction and real-time collaboration between students and tutors.

When educators are equipped with the right tools to promote educational equity, they ensure that every student is set up to reach their full potential. Consider implementing FEV Tutor and Foundational Skills instruction to break barriers that your students may be up against.

Want to learn more about the instructional services that EdOptions Academy has to offer? Check out the EdOptions Academy OnDemand webinar and overview brochure.

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