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Top 6 Blogs from the 2017–18 School Year

Top 6 Blogs from the 2017–18 School Year

The end of the school year brings about a lot of reflection. Many teachers look back on how the year went and students remember what they learned. At Edmentum, things are no different! We love to look back on past blog posts to see what really resonated with our audience throughout the school year.

In the spirit of reflection, here’s what was popular during the months of the 2017–18 school year:

How Teachers Can Support Students with Dyslexia in the Elementary Classroom

When you understand what dyslexia is and how to work around it, you give dyslexic students in your class a better shot at success. Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence or ability; and while there is no magical cure for dyslexia, it can be overcome.

[Special Education] 4 Teaching Best Practices

The use of blended learning models is becoming more widespread as educators strive to meet increasing expectations to personalize learning with fewer dollars. And in the 21st century classroom full of students with diverse needs and abilities, technology and differentiated instructional strategies can be a great equalizer—especially for students with special needs.

10 Classroom and School Tips to Improve Test Scores

As your curriculum runs down and anxiety ramps up, you may think that there’s nothing more you can do to prepare your students for test day. But, there are always ways to help students. Here are ten tips to make sure that they have every chance to succeed!

Marzano-Validated Best Practices for Online Practice

Our research team here at Edmentum was honored to have Marzano Research peer review a research project that we conducted for our classroom practice and assessment program, Study Island. Through that review, Marzano Research confirmed our findings about the effectiveness of Study Island, and we also uncovered four best practices to help students get the most out of online practice.

10 of the Best Side Hustles for Teachers

Whether you’re saving up for a long-dreamed-of vacation, getting ready for a home or car purchase, or just looking to make paying the bills a little less painful, there’re plenty of options to find the perfect side hustle! You likely already have the skills and credentials needed for a part-time gig, or you may even have the connections to start up a business at home.

Benchmark Assessments: 4 Best Practices

You already know the curriculum that you’re expected to help your students master throughout the year; benchmarking can help you lesson plan strategically from the start, and tackle that curriculum in the most efficient way to make sure that all of your students are on pace. Take it a step further by administering additional benchmark assessments at one or two more intervals throughout the school year, and coupled with data from your more informal day-to-day formative assessments, you can feel confident about identifying your students’ needs and adjusting your instructional approach as necessary to meet them.

We would like to thank all the various contributors to the blog this school year. We couldn't have done it without you. We can't wait to see what inspirations in teaching and learning are in store for us next school year!