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Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy

Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy

We’ve had a busy summer, and we can’t wait to show you all of the enhancements to Edmentum products that will be at your doorstep just in time for the new school year! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be releasing more details around our top enhancements for the 2015 school year. First up, we’ll look at what’s new in Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy.

1. New Career Technical Education (CTE) Course Library

This start of the new school year marks the release of Plato Courseware’s new CTE course library. With this expansion, Edmentum will be the market leader in terms of breadth and depth of CTE offerings. Our new CTE library will include 80+ semesters with courses in all 16 Career Clusters® identified by NASDCTEc. These highly interactive, mobile-optimized courses will provide schools and learners with a pathway to explore various career options anytime and from any device. 

2. Virtual Learning Collaboration Space

Our new Collaboration Space tool will transform the way that teachers and students interact. It allows instructors to set up a virtual space, invite students, and facilitate a discussion, either on-on-one or with a group of students through instant messaging or a whiteboard discussion. In addition, Collaboration Space provides a forum for streamlined teacher-to-teacher communication and sharing of best practices.

3. Flex Assignments

We have significantly expanded the functionality currently called "supplemental assignments" in Sensei, allowing users more flexibility in how they find, assign, and report on smaller pieces of content that are usually delivered as a module or group of modules.  Now, educators can quickly assign customized, targeted content to students at their direct moment of need, easily monitor progress along the way, and support individual learning paths.

We will have more to come soon from EducationCity, Reading Eggs, and Study Island, so be sure to check back. Want to learn more about how Edmentum can partner with your district? Talk to a solution specialist today!