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Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress

Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress

So far, we’ve explored the new releases coming for Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy, dug into the new functionality now available in EducationCity, and toured the exciting enhancements made to Study Island and Edmentum Test Packs. Now, we turn to Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress to unveil the features and functionality that will motivate and support pre-K through 6th grade students as they begin their journey toward becoming proficient readers.

1. Simpler Navigation in Reading Eggspress

We have designed an all-new, streamlined learner interface that makes navigation easier than ever before. Students can quickly move between various learning activities, monitor their personal progress, and see their rewards add up on the main screen—all in a mobile-optimized environment.

2. Grade-Level Advancement Feature in Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress

Subscriptions coordinators will now be able to easily promote students to the next grade level, streamlining the process of preparing classes for the new school year. Available in the “Manage Rollover,” area, this added feature also automatically notifies all teachers, encouraging them to move students into their new class.

3. Individualized Learning Paths in Reading Eggspress

Placement Test
Students will complete a short placement test to determine their appropriate reading level and receive a prescribed learning path. Students can then advance through their learning tasks via a familiar map format, similar to Reading Eggs, to earn Golden Egg rewards and increase reading proficiency.

Transition Lessons

In order to support those students who are ready to graduate from Reading Eggs to the more advanced Reading Eggspress, 20 all-new lessons have been specifically designed to create a seamless transition and introduce comprehension skills.

End-of-Map Assessments
A new 10-question assessment is the capstone of each of the 44 comprehension lesson maps to measure student progress and Lexile® scale growth. Assessment tasks evaluate text analysis, vocabulary, and literal and inferential understanding of reading passages.

4. English Skills Section in Reading Eggspress

This exciting new learning area allows students to explore key spelling patterns and rules. All 216 new spelling lessons include a short instructional video, spelling questions in the form of games, listening activities, and proofreading exercises, as well as a targeted spelling test and detailed feedback.

5. Enhanced Reports in Reading Eggspress

A student charts area has been added to the teacher view, offering detailed learner progress data through graphical representations. Teachers can refine data by date range, choose one of four different charts, and monitor progress in comprehension lessons, spelling lessons, and books read in the Library.

The improved functionality and exciting new content will be available in Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress this month. Keep an eye out for these new enhancements, and get your students on the right track toward meeting their literacy goals! Learn more about the migration process in the Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress transition guide here.

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