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Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Study Island and Edmentum Test Packs

Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Study Island and Edmentum Test Packs

We are very excited to launch a wealth of features for Study Island and Edmentum Test Packs, including a completely new interface, content for our assessment solutions, and a brand-new way for teachers and students to interact with our content. Our summer enhancements are sure to get you enthused for a new school year!

1. Enhanced User Interface for Study Island Benchmarks and Edmentum Test Packs

Our redesigned user interface is specifically constructed to more closely align with next-generation assessment formats, giving your students confidence as they get closer to end-of-year assessments. Enhancements that you will see include updates to the overall navigation, question layout, audio tools, learner testing tools, and rubrics.  

2. Brand-New Interim Benchmark Assessments [Coming in August]

We are thrilled to release brand-new, state-specific and national Study Island Benchmarks and Edmentum Test Packs later this summer! Our assessments are developed from each state’s testing requirements as well as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We ensure that our item types mimic state tests and CCSS assessments through: constructed response items that follow the length and difficulty set by state and CCSS assessments, new video and audio technology-enhanced item types that support listening and speaking standards, and multipart questions that include technology-enhanced items.

3. New State-Specific Study Island Content and Brand-New Technology-Enhanced Item Types [Coming July through October]

This summer, we will be releasing brand-new math, ELA, science, or social studies content for Study Island in 10 states! We will also be releasing 1,300 new technology-enhanced items for math and an additional 1,300 new items for ELA. By the end of FY15, Study Island will include over 6,400 technology-enhanced items. Plus, we will also be releasing four brand-new item types in our interim benchmark solutions: drawing items, multipart items, video items, and audio items.

4. Study Island Group Session [Coming in August]

We are eager to announce a brand-new group session feature in Study Island! Students can submit real-time responses to interactive, technology-enhanced questions. These unique practice sessions will allow you to connect with your students in teacher-led, standards-based practice and learning, keeping students engaged, while also tracking their progress in real time toward standards mastery.

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