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The Ultimate SEL Resource Roundup to Get You Through the Holidays

The Ultimate SEL Resource Roundup to Get You Through the Holidays

After an unexpected and unpredictable year, the holiday season is finally upon us! Educators, parents, and students across the country are counting down to a well-deserved end of year break, but in the meantime, there is still learning to be done.

To help ensure your classes stay productive and avoid the holiday brain drain we’ve compiled a variety of resources to help you take care of yourself in these final weeks of the year.

Teacher Tips

[Teacher Tips] Surviving Holiday Chaos in the Classroom

If you’re still in the classroom, survive the holiday chaos with these great tips from your fellow educators.

Build Your Emotional Vocabulary to Impact Learning During the School Year

This year has been full of so many challenges. As we enter the holidays, feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness tend to bubble up. Take time to check in with yourself and learn to read your emotions with these helpful tips and tricks.

[Resource] A Parent Guide: Support Your Child During Virtual Learning

Some schools are preparing to switch to blended or virtual learning models for the winter months. Use this guide to help your parents feel more prepared, calm their nerves, and ensure them that this is not Spring Shutdowns 2.0. It’s designed to answer frequently asked parent questions while also providing them with tips on mitigate their anxiety and frustration.

How 10 Teachers Are Supporting Social and Emotional Learning While Teaching from Home

As an educator, you love your students and want them to thrive. When outside of a classroom, how do you support social-emotional learning with your students? What works best? Check out these 10 tried and true tips.

Cool to Be Kind: Teaching Kindness in the Classroom by Celebrating the Small Things

Research has shown that anxiety and depression are correlated with individuals’ sense of control or lack of control over their own lives, which is referred to as internal versus external locus of control. In a year where everything has been impacted, the holidays are no different. Holiday traditions are important to many cultures and families. Over the next few weeks, be mindful of this and remember to celebrate little wins in each day.

School Resources

The Edmentum Podcast

Our podcast regularly highlights the latest trends in social and emotional learning. If you’re looking for a great listen to put on in the background as you’re writing your next lesson plan or meeting agenda, check out these episodes:

Understanding How Anxiety Can Impact Us & the Functioning of Our Teams

There is a lot of anxiety around us right now. Our default setting is to react and often create internal narratives that are not based in truth, but rumor. As a school leader it’s important to keep this top of mind, to help here are a few tips and tricks for managing team anxiety.

[Administrator Tips] 7 SEL Meeting Strategies You Can Use with Your Teachers

Leaders who put compassion at the forefront create teams that care for one another and adapt more easily. In the coming weeks, show your staff that you support them by taking extra care and start meetings off on the principles of social-emotional learning.

Relationship Is Essential and BASE Education Can Help

One of the most important elements of successful teaching is building a relationship with students and creating an environment where they feel safe enough to engage and take risks in their learning. Check out how BASE Education helps cultivate this connection in schools and classrooms.

Educator Self-Care Tips

The Power of Positive Intent

When you are in the thick of holiday chaos, in your work life or personal life, it can be hard to take a step back and be grateful for the things you do have. Remember, positivity has the power to transform our mindsets and in turn our connection with those around us.

[Fall Reading List] An Educator’s Reading List for Self-Care

If you’re like most people, winter break means a break. If you’re like me, that means falling to a good book! This list of self-care focused books will help you come back after winter break with a new set of skills.

The Art of Mindfulness for Educators

Say it with me, “self-care is not just a trend, it should be a priority for everyone.” Great job, reader! Now stop where you are and breathe in and out. Not so hard, right? Mindfulness has been used as a treatment for chronic and acute conditions such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and chronic stress. As we enter the new year, reset and make mindfulness a priority with these helpful tips.

Controlling What We Can Control: Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Think of a time recently where you reacted poorly, then later thought to yourself, “eh, maybe I overreacted there…” Congratulations, that makes you human. As my mom always says, worrying about ‘what ifs’ will get you nowhere fast. Read this blog, or watch this webinar, for tips and tricks on changing our mindset from worrying about what is out of our control to focusing on what we have the ability to change.

13 Michael Scott Gifs Teachers Will Relate to Before the Holidays

Self-care shouldn’t feel like work, sometimes it can be as simple as cracking a smile at something funny on the internet. Check out these Michael Scott gifs that sum up how teachers feel during the busy time before the holidays to get you started.


Using SEL Strategies to Navigate in Times of Crisis

We all need a little social-emotional learning now, more than ever before. In this recorded webinar, learn what you can do as an educator to help yourself cope, and then in turn help your students, during uncertain times.

Trauma, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue: How to Support Yourself and Students

Trauma is a heavy subject that is often associated with extreme cases; But living through a time of prolonged stress and isolation can challenge the mental health of even those with the best coping skills. In this OnDemand webinar, learn more about the differences between trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue, and how to find ways to balance the adverse impact of stress and trauma.

Social-Emotional Learning In Action – All or Nothing Thinking

Feeling like, with everything going on, this year was the worst? Struggling to figure out how to enjoy the November to January stretch and enter the new year with optimism? You might be experiencing some all or nothing thinking. This is not uncommon in our world today. In this upcoming live webinar, explore the concept and impact of ‘All or Nothing Thinking’, learn whether you have a leaning towards this type of thinking, and strategies for combatting it.

Classroom Resources

[Free Teacher Resources] Printable Holiday and Winter Activities, Fact Sheets, and More!

Our free classroom resource packets and other printable games and activities are packed with fun holiday-themed lessons your elementary students will love. Check out these fun resources to help you and your students celebrate the fun of winter in class or over break!

Edmentum K-12 Worksheet Bundles

Let your students have a break from their computers over the holidays, but Keep students engaged in their learning and their skills sharp over winter break with Edmentum’s grade-specific worksheet bundles. (Don’t forget to check out our K-8 Spanish versions too!)


Keep up the great work, educators! You’re doing an incredible job and we hope you have a wonderful (well-deserved) winter break and a happy new year! To make the holiday season a little brighter, Edmentum is hosting our annual Holiday Giveaway, with THREE lucky educators each taking home a $500 Target gift card. Enter for a chance to win here!'s picture

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