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Veterans Day: FREE Classroom Resources!

Veterans Day: FREE Classroom Resources!

Do you or your students know any soldiers who served our country? Chances are that even your youngest learners know a family member or friend that is currently active or has previously served in the military. On November 11th, help your students understand the significance of our nation’s military contributions by celebrating Veterans Day!

This FREE Veterans Day Toolkit from EducationCity includes an age-appropriate poster, Fact Sheets, and critical thinking tasks called ThinkIts specifically created to educate your pre-K through 6th grade students. Ensure that your students don’t miss out on this rich learning opportunity to recognize the service and sacrifice of all American veterans.

Check out these Veterans Day facts and statistics from the History Channel:

  1. There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States.
  2. 1.8 million veterans are women.
  3. In 1954, President Eisenhower officially changes the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.
  4. In 1968, the Uniform Holidays Bill was passed by Congress, which moved the celebration of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday in October. The law went into effect in 1971, but in 1975 President Ford returned Veterans Day to November 11, due to the important historical significance of the date.
  5. Britain, France, Australia, and Canada also commemorate the veterans of World Wars I and II on or near November 11th.

Incorporate Veterans Days facts like these into your classroom lessons with these free resources from EducationCity! Looking for additional fun facts and video clips to share with your students? The History Channel has a great Veterans Day resource library!

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