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Inspire a Passion for Learning with EducationCity

Inspire a Passion for Learning with EducationCity

For educators who need an intervention solution, EducationCity is a versatile tool that contains highly engaging, standards-based activities and lessons. With a dynamic student experience, this phenomenal educational resource can be used for whole-class instruction with a classroom whiteboard, differentiated learning in small groups, or individualized learning for reinforcement and enrichment. 

EducationCity introduces and explains concepts to reinforce skills and can adapt to many different abilities. Educators are able to pinpoint interactive lessons and activities linked to specific standards for use in highly differentiated or multi-level classes.

Andrew Potteiger, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Brandywine Heights Area School District in Pennsylvania tell us:

“EducationCity is a dynamic resource that can adapt to student strengths and weaknesses on the fly while they are answering questions, allowing for a very powerful tool in our arsenal of education support systems!”

Watch the video to the right of this post to see for yourself how you can inspire a passion for learning with EducationCity.