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Virtual Learning, Real Impact: Introducing Our EdOptions Academy Teacher of the Year Finalists!

Virtual Learning, Real Impact: Introducing Our EdOptions Academy Teacher of the Year Finalists!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—teachers work hard. We see the passion, dedication, and sheer number of hours teachers put in to meet the needs of their students every day, including from Edmentum’s own EdOptions Academy virtual teachers! Recently, we took time to spotlight all of that hard work and positive student impact. We’ve already introduced you to our very first EdOptions Academy Teacher of the Year award winner Diane McRandal. Now, we want you to meet our four finalists.

These educators were nominated by their peer teachers on the EdOptions Academy team for their expertise, commitment to students, and always-upbeat attitudes. Learn more about each of our finalists and the difference they’re making for their students and fellow educators!

Lauren Masino, Science and CTE

“Lauren constantly reaches out and communicates with her students and parents. She puts her students first and connects with them beyond school.”

Why Lauren is passionate about teaching and virtual learning:

Maggie Champlin, Social Studies

“Maggie is genuinely supportive of her colleagues and is always interjecting positive comments into the meetings. It is also easy to tell she is truly dedicated to serving her students to help them become their best… She is always willing to share any resources she has found to help motivate students to reach their potential.” 

Why Maggie is passionate about teaching and virtual learning:

Marilyn Stefani, Math

“Marilyn is upbeat and helpful with the kids just like she is with her team…She is constantly thinking about how we can do more for our students using the tools we have, even researching and learning about new resources.”

Why Marilyn is passionate about teaching and virtual learning:

Donnie Lecroy, Math

“Donnie is always a team player. He's the first to volunteer to do anything. Donnie has created an impressive collection of geometry resources and is always willing to share. He cares about students by sending great emails that he also shares with all of us – so our students can also benefit. The minute one of us asks for a help guide on a certain math topic, Donnie comes out with a video. Nobody asks him to do this.”

We want to send a huge congratulations to our EdOptions Academy Teacher of the Year finalists, as well as shout-out to all of our EdOptions Academy virtual teachers who go above and beyond for their students every day. Interested in learning more about EdOptions Academy and our approach to virtual teaching and learning? Check out how EdOptions Academy virtual teachers work with students in virtual courses to make sure they have an engaging, personalized experience!'s picture
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