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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] 10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] 10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, school counselor, paraeducator, bus driver, cafeteria worker or school secretary, everyone who works in a public school faces a new school year ready to do the job they love. But they are also prepared to confront undeniable challenges. Read about these challenges and more in this week’s EdNews Round Up!

10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today
The bad news is that the demands and pressures on our schools are growing. The good news is that the nation is finally looking to educators for solutions.

A year of personalized learning: Mistakes, moving furniture and making it work
The Hechinger Report
In the first year of a new program, a large San Diego district experiences small victories despite growing pains.

Schools Should Teach (and Measure) 'Soft Skills,' Parents and Educators Agree
Schools should assess students on both "academic knowledge" and "nonacademic skills"—like teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity—parents and educators said in a new survey.

10 Ways To Start Shifting Your Classroom Practices Little By Little
Joy Kirr implemented Geniur Hour in her classroom and it shifted almost everything about how she approaches the classroom. She shares what she has learned along the way.

Bills and Bulletproof Backpacks: Safety Measures for A New School Year
As summer draws to a close, schools are beefing up security, and some parents are buying bulletproof school supplies. In Washington, one agency wants students to learn about traumatic injuries.

Low Pay Has Teachers Flocking to the Sharing Economy
The Atlantic
One in 10 Airbnb hosts in the U.S. is a teacher, a new report shows.

Poll: States with Walkouts See More Support for Raising Teachers’ Pay
U.S. News
A new survey suggests the high-profile demonstrations may have influenced public opinion on the issue of salaries for educators.