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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Education Policy 2019 & 2020

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Education Policy 2019 & 2020

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

Education policy is set to be a central a topic of conversation in state and federal legislatures, as well as teacher lounges and dinner tables, as we head into an election year. In this week’s EdNews Round Up, revisit some of the most influential policies of 2019, and take a look at what could be in store for 2020.

These court cases could shift the K-12 landscape in 2020
Education Dive
Among other changesover the past three years, the country has seen significant policy overhauls from the U.S. Department of Education and a right-leaning Supreme Court bench ruling on landmark cases. With multiple lawsuits pending in federal courts, the nation’s public education landscape could change significantly in 2020.

A Thousand Days of Betsy DeVos
Education Writers Association
As President Trump's secretary of education approaches her third year in office, a look at her impact, influence, and why she’s expected to stay the course.

States Gear Up to Overhaul K-12 Funding in 2020
With the 2020 legislative sessions looming, states are again moving to tackle fundamental problems in the ways they distribute money for school districts, an issue that has long posed political hurdles.

Senate passes amendment restoring $255M to minority-serving institutions
Education Dive
The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan amendment Thursday to permanently restore $255 million in annual funding for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and other minority-serving institutions (MSIs).

14 Charts That Change the Way We Looked at America's Schools in 2019
The 74
The 74 presents the most striking images from education research over the past 12 months. They help illustrate important studies into school funding disparities, college dropout rates and shifting public opinion. And with a minimum of verbiage, they let the reader know what matters in education research.

Educators Flexed Their Muscles in 2019, Look Forward to 2020
NEA Today
In 2019, the news generally got better for educators and students. Take a look at eight positive education trends of 2019 that we hope will persist in 2020.

Congress Aims to Raise Minimum Age for Smoking, Vaping to 21
The minimum age for the purchase of tobacco products—including e-cigarettes and other vaping products—would be raised from 18 to 21 a set of compromise spending bill Congress is poised to consider.

Attorneys General Sue Trump Administration Over School Nutrition Rollbacks
A coalition of state attorneys general is suing the Trump administration for weakening the federal nutrition standards for school meals that are fed to about 30 million children across the country.

ICE Raids Send Schools Scrambling
U.S. News
We have plans that we put in place for school safety and check-out procedures for parents, but there aren’t many plans out there for raids,' one administrator says.

Key Changes Would Alter The Government's Massive Survey On Schools And Civil Rights
The Education Department is proposing that it collect more information on bullying and sexual assaults happening at schools, and provide less information on things like preschool suspension rates.

Eight lessons we learned from education research in 2019
Education research is hard to keep up with, and often enough, it’s hard to even understand. It seems like there are more caveats than clear conclusions, findings are “mixed,” and one finding contradicts the previous one. Meanwhile, all sides of a debate claim to have The Research on their side.