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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Superintendents Schools Re-Open after Florence

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Superintendents Schools Re-Open after Florence

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

After the heavy rains from Florence finally let up, a new flood of challenges is revealed; classrooms and school buildings flooded, roadways cut off, school buildings without electricity. Superintendents in school districts touched by Florence are now confronting the grueling job of re-opening schools and caring for their communities’ students and faculty. Read all about this story and more in this week’s EdNews Round Up!

Superintendents Confront Grueling Job of Re-Opening Schools in Florence's Path

Fixing shattered windows, flooded classrooms, and caved-in roofs while not losing sight of the storm's steep human toll is a major challenge for superintendents and other school leaders in North and South Carolina.

The Curse of America’s Illogical School-Day Schedule
The Atlantic
It starts too early for teens’ sleep patterns and ends too early for working parents. Does the country have to be stuck with it?

Teachers' Strategies for Pronouncing and Remembering Students' Names Correctly
A mispronounced or forgotten name can have a lasting impact on students on how they feel about school. Teachers provide tips on how to make those names stick.

Does Too Much Credit Recovery Lead to Inflated Graduation Rates?
A new study adds fuel to the growing controversy about high school credit-recovery programs, finding that the schools that rely most heavily on them produce bigger increases in their graduation rates, even though their students perform poorly on state achievement tests.

College or technical ed? Here’s why students need both
The Hechinger Report
Career and technical education (CTE) prepares graduates with skills to enter the workforce directly after high school. But there is still value in a college degree.

When Education CEOs and Bigwig Financiers Go ‘Back to School’
Nearly a thousand of the education industry’s C-level executives, private equity fund managers and investors gathered at BMO Capital’s “Back to School” conference in New York City. On their syllabus: networking and identifying the latest market trends in the education industry that can drive a company’s growth—and, of course, financial returns.


Education policy is often a topic of conversation in state and federal legislatures. Stay in-the-know with this week’s top stories regarding education reform.

5 Things to Know About the Education Funding Compromise Moving Through Congress
The 74
A compromise Education Department spending bill, the first year-long funding bill for the department to be passed in nearly a decade, is speeding toward final passage ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline.

Senators Demand Answers From CFPB Head After Student Loan Watchdog's Resignation
In a stern letter to the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, Senate Democrats demanded evidence that he is safeguarding student borrowers.

When the Data’s No Good
U.S. News
Serious education policy decisions are being driven by data. The problem is, it’s not always accurate. The data discrepancies can have serious ramifications for researchers who rely on federal databases to study any number of things, as well as policymakers and practitioners who use such information to make decisions for their communities.

School Aid Skirmishes Still Flare in Washington State
The state’s supreme court ended a yearslong fight over K-12 funding earlier this summer, but in districts across the state the battles have continued and tensions remain.

Is There a Growing Political Backlash to For-Profit Charter Schools?
Ohio's Democratic nominee for governor is calling for a ban on for-profit companies running charter schools in a race that has been heavily influenced by the costly failure of the state's largest online charter school.