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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Take a Look Inside the New LeBron James I Promise School

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Take a Look Inside the New LeBron James I Promise School

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LeBron James is the unquestioned MVP on the court, but is he the new MVP in the classroom, too? The NBA All-Star just recently opened the I Promise School for At-Risk Kids in his hometown of Akon, Ohio, and already the institution is being praised for its innovation, and tiers of support for both students and parents. Take a look inside this one-of-a-kind school and read more education news stories in this week’s EdNews Round Up!

Sights and Sounds from the 1st Week of LeBron James’s New I Promise School for At-Risk Kids in His Hometown of Akron, Ohio
The 74
Take a look inside NBA super-star LeBron James' new public school in Akron, Ohio. The one-of-a-kind I Promise School has been called cutting-edge and promises to set a new precedent for what it means to serve students in the future.

DeVos May Bypass Congress to Get Rid of the Office for English-Learners. Can She?
The answer is unclear but "the threat is real," English-language-learner advocacy groups say. The advocates say the Education Department has evaded their questions about the future of the office of English-language acquisition.

In Middle School, ‘You’re Trying to Build a Parachute as You’re Falling’
The Atlantic
The director Bo Burnham discusses his new movie, Eighth Grade, and how kids cobble together their identities, on the internet and off.

No Food, Paper, or Pencils Left Behind
Seeing an abundance of food and supplies in one corner of their lives and a severe need for these necessities in another, two educators jumped into action.

How Learning Science Is Catching Up To Mr. Rogers
The popular film, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” shows how the topics — and the format — Fred Rogers brought to TV are as relevant to education and child development as they ever were.

Important Questions to Ask Your Students
Time to get ready for back-to-school! Discovering your students’ answers to these questions can help you create positive conditions for learning.

Most Principals Like Their Jobs. Here's What Makes Them Change Schools or Quit Altogether
Principal turnover has been a challenge for the profession. But what is it exactly that makes principals want to stay or go?

How to Make the Benefits of a School Garden Meaningful in a Child's Life
The long-lasting benefits of a school garden include supporting health and wellness and encouraging students to choose nutritious foods.