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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Use Sports Data to Turn Your Students into Math and Science All-Stars

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Use Sports Data to Turn Your Students into Math and Science All-Stars

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

Move over Steph! Out of the way LeBron! You know who the real MVP is? Math. Just in time for the NBA finals, explore how you can use sports data to spark math and science engagement for your students in this week’s EdNews Round Up!

Turning Sports Data into a Slam Dunk for Learning
Education Drive
The world of sports is a common language shared by many. Whether you’re a fan of basketball, swimming, running or curling, sports provide a wealth of data sets that can be folded into mathematics and science lessons with just a few steps. Tapping into athletic interest can spark math and science engagement for students.

What K-12 IT Directors Should Expect from Upcoming Net Neutrality Changes
The FCC's rollback of Obama-era rules takes effect June 11. Here's what district technology leaders need to know — and what they can do to prepare.

Months After a Devastating Hurricane, Puerto Rican Schools Turn to the Sun
Eight months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, more than 500 families in this small town in central Puerto Rico remain without power. But one school here has managed to get the lights back on by switching to solar power, part of an island-wide movement to rethink utilities.

Study: Hotter Classrooms Make it Harder for Students to Learn
U.S. News
Student's ability to learn is undermined when their classrooms are too hot, new research says, a finding that could help explain persistent gaps in performance between students in poorer regions and countries without consistent access to air conditioning and those in wealthier areas.

Why Teaching English Through Content Is Critical for ELL Students
Teachers in San Francisco were looking for better ways to teach their newcomer students the English skills they need, without losing a focus on the complex content all students should be learning. To do that, they looked to adopt some of the strategies of the Writing Is Thinking Through Inquiry (WITsi) work being done in New York City with the general education population.

Commentary: The Question That Stopped This Teacher in Her Tracks: ‘I Know My Son Can Write, but Does He Have a Friend?’
The 74
She was focused so heavily on one aspect of her student's development, she didn't realize she had formed an incomplete picture of her student. Read about one teacher's experience falling into the "assessment trap" and how it had helped guide her work with students, teachers, and families ever since.

Calculus Is the Peak of High School Math. Maybe It's Time to Change That
For more than 30 years, calculus has been seen as the pinnacle of high school math—essential for careers in the hard sciences, and an explicit or unspoken prerequisite for top-tier colleges. But now scholars are saying a world drowning in big data requires students who can interpret it.