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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Warren Wants to Erase Most Student Loan Debt

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Warren Wants to Erase Most Student Loan Debt

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

Earlier this week, 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren issued a big policy proposal in which the government would write off billions of dollars in student loan debt and eliminate tuition for some two- and four-year colleges. Read more about the reaction to Warren’s proposal, how the measles outbreak relates to the school nurse shortage, and more in this week’s EdNews Round Up!

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Erase Most Student Loan Debt
The senator's higher-education proposal for her 2020 presidential run goes further than just free college and would forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in existing loans.

Measles Outbreak Highlights Why Schools Need More Nurses
With outbreaks in five states, school nurses are on the front lines again. The nurse shortage across the country continues to threaten student heath.

Should 'Mental Health Days' Be Excused Absences? These Students Think So.
A student-supported Oregon bill proposes explicitly adding "mental or behavioral health" to a list of reasons for excused absences, alongside physical sickness.

Most Teachers Don’t Teach Climate Change
Although most states have classroom standards that at least mention human-caused climate change, most teachers aren't actually talking about climate change in their classrooms, according to a new poll.

What Does Your School Schedule Say About Equity? More Than You Think.
It’s time to embrace not only the potential, but the essential role of operations in furthering the pursuit of educational equity.

New science assessment rollouts highlight need for patience, planning in curriculum shifts
Education Dive
Educators and students alike must have time to adjust to and plan for new accountability models, materials, assessments and more for positive results.

Education policy is often a topic of conversation in state and federal legislatures. Stay in-the-know with this week’s top stories regarding education reform at the state and national level.

New $600 Million Federal Program Targets Tech Needs of Rural Areas
Attention rural communities with major internet connectivity needs: Are you looking to upgrade your broadband? The U.S. Department of Agriculture—yes, Agriculture—may have a grant and loan program for you.

Illinois school board wrestles with future of testing for teacher hopefuls
As Illinois officials begin to tackle the state’s teacher shortage, lawmakers and policymakers alike are taking a close look at a controversial licensing exam that might be keeping some educators out of the classroom.

Know your state’s school safety requirements
Distract Administration
Regulations tackle drills, safety plans, firearms and SROs, a new report shows.

South Carolina teachers plan a 2nd protest this year to demand better pay
For the second time in four months, South Carolina teachers are fed up and ready to rally. Hundreds of educators plan to protest at the state capitol on May 1 at an event called "#AllOutMay1."

High school students in Georgia district to get class scheduling flexibility next year
The Augusta Chronical
Because the traditional classroom learning experience doesn’t work for everyone, Columbia County School District will be offering online courses next year, and will be adding three periods at the end of the day to give students the option to start and end later in school buildings.